You Think You Know Zelda, But You Have No Idea — Check Out This Epic Fight Against Princess Peach

This video starts with a light walk through a meadow, but it ends with a bloody beat down between two of gaming’s most famous princesses. This is Zelda vs Peach.

As the opening scene shows Princess Peach tee off against a Goomba, it may have been a good day, had Zelda not appeared in the path of her drive. After the Goomba landed against Zelda’s head, she instantly knew who was responsible for the misfortune. Princess Peach, also, immediately knew it was about to go down.

You can watch the epic battle below.

Although this video was pretty awesome, the interesting part is its creation. While it looks like the two princesses were fighting together, they were actually filmed during separate sessions. The creator, Andrew McMurry, took an interesting perspective in his production. Likewise, he encountered a typical issue that non-Zelda enthusiasts tend to bring to the table. Usually, it’s misunderstood which character is “Zelda.”

As a quick, side clarification, the “green guy with the sword” McMurry mentions is actually “Link.” While Zelda games allow the user to play mostly as Link — since he’s seemingly the main character — those from outside-looking-in think they’re playing as Zelda. Speaking of “playing as Zelda,” this live-action role was played by Olivia Wells.

Likewise, Princess Peach was played by Raven Duda. And you can’t have a great movie nowadays without equally adequate sound design. Fortunately, McMurry “knows a guy.” And that guy happens to be his own brother, Matthew McMurry.

But to digress, the original video’s breakdown shows how McMurry brought the video all together. That video can be seen below as well.

According to Tool Farm, Director McMurry specializes in visual effects within his company, Andrew M Films. In an interview with the source, McMurry mentions that he has been tinkering with Adobe After Effects since he was around 15-years-old. And even before then, he was doing camera work with equipment his parents acquired for him when he was eight.

He notes that he never went to any type of film school. Actually, he said that he was a homeschool kid for the majority of his life. So, he had plenty of time to hone his directing and post-production skills.

“[I] spent several hours a day watching tutorials to figure it all out…just experimented with the software a ton. So, in short, I’ve always been the creative type, but never really knew exactly what I wanted to do. At least not until I got a camera and fell in love with making videos.”

After watching the video’s technical breakdown, YouTube user Rumle Kjaer mentioned as follows.

“Holy s**t, well done! That must have been a hell to roto that! Also super great job with the explosions looks amazing! How do you create your sparks? Particular? I’m always amazed by how fantastic your sparks looks! Cheers Andrew!”

The New York Film Academy states that visual effects are essential parts of movie completion. Also, Drexel University mentions that it’s an authentic part of “story-telling.” And McMurry has proved that he can do it without a degree. Simply, he has put in the time to learn from self-teaching, VFX lessons. He continues his training around the house as well, as can be seen in the following tweet.

What could be more rewarding than the support he’s been receiving from the court of public opinion? He’s growing closer to a million YouTube subscribers.

While people say that social media followers don’t mean anything or hold monetary value, they couldn’t be more wrong. Forbes magazine recently did a “Top Ten” about highest-paid YouTubers. The YouTuber in tenth place makes “$2.5 million in pretax earnings.”

Yet, there’s others who have upwards of 40 million subscribers, like PewDiePie. According to the source, this “25-year-old Swede is the top-earning YouTube star on the planet, pulling in $12 million pretax over the past year.”

So, if Andrew McMurry would monetize his subscriber list similar to those in higher positions than himself, his social media status would definitely mean about seven figures.

Nevertheless, what do you think about Andrew McMurry’s “Zelda vs. Peach” battle? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Image via YouTube]