Rhode Island Man Stabs Family With Potato Peeler After Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving ended on a sour note for one Rhode Island family after a fight between two brothers turned violent. The Providence Journal reports that Miguel Revolorio is being sought by police after he attacked his brother and sister with a potato peeler.

Authorities in Providence responded to reports of a double stabbing to find both Luis Zuniga and Tyresha Barrett sitting on the stairs of their apartment. Both of the people had suffered various stab wounds, but the alleged stabber was nowhere in sight. Barrett told police that their family had finished eating Thanksgiving dinner before she took a nap. Not long into her nap, she was awoken by the sounds of her two brothers having an argument, so she got up to put a stop to it. That’s when things turned violent.

Miguel Revolorio allegedly grabbed a knife during the argument with Luis Zuniga, but Tyresha told Providence police officers that she stepped in between the two quarreling men. WCVB News reports that Revolorio grabbed a potato peeler from the kitchen counter and plunged it into the arm of his brother, with Tyresha standing between them. After he allegedly stabbed Zuniga, the Rhode Island man plunged the potato peeler into Tyresha’s abdomen.

Authorities in Providence are looking for Revolorio, who is described as a Hispanic male. He was last seen wearing a red T-shirt and blue denim jeans. If you see this man, please do not hesitate to call the Providence Police Department. Meanwhile, the two alleged stabbing victims are recovering after sustaining only minor wounds during the Thanksgiving potato peeler throwdown. Neither of the alleged victims have spoken to the media, nor have they revealed the motive behind the argument and violent stabbing.

This time of year always produces bizarre and violent stories, especially surrounding Black Friday shopping. There are so many violent news stories coming from this holiday that it’s become a bit of a running joke on social media. In fact, just today a pregnant Tennessee woman was allegedly assaulted while black Friday shopping at a Best Buy store in Germantown. No arrests have been made, and the woman was fortunate to not be severely injured. The Estately Blog has indicated that there are 10 states where you are most likely to encounter violence while Black Friday shopping. Those states include Alabama, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, and South Carolina.

No Black Friday Shopping = not catching an assault charge

— Jezell Griffin (@_XOXOJezell_) November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving domestic violence incidents are highly reported, as they are during most holidays. In fact, the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence reported in 2011 that reports of DV seem to increase during the holidays. While Thanksgiving and Christmas are known to be stressful to many families, the report published by NRCDV indicates that New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day see the most reports of family violence. The report also seemed to indicate that DV reports fall by half on Thanksgiving. Perhaps most people get too full of food to be aggressive.

Hopefully, the Rhode Island man accused of this recent potato peeler stabbing turns himself in to authorities.

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