Jimmy Fallon Given Taste Of His Own Medicine By Seattle Seahawks

Jimmy Fallon can certainly give it. The comedian, who hosts The Tonight Show, is well-known for his ability to jokingly insult large numbers of people, including the Seattle Seahawks. According to Us Weekly, Jimmy Fallon has an NFL Superlatives segment, and over the years, he has made fun of the Seahawks team members many times.

“John Ryan — most likely to get sunburned by the moon… Michael Bennett – most likely to accidentally snap every pair of sunglasses he tries on… Russell Wilson — most likely to wave with just his fingers.”

But last Friday night was the night of the Seahawks, the night they got back at Jimmy Fallon. There were a number of good one-liners and jabs that were presented in a clip the Seahawks sent to Jimmy.

John Ryan even called Jimmy Fallon petite.

“He must be a pretty big guy to be making fun of NFL players. Oh! He’s petite.”

Other remarks included some real whoppers.

“Most likely never to get right swiped on Tinder… Most likely to have a Zumba membership… Most likely to get a wedgie from JR Smith — and like it… Most likely to NOT get a call back after auditioning for Magic Mike… Most likely to be less funny than Conan.”

Ouch! That last one has got to hurt!

In keeping with the sports theme, Jimmy Fallon had Ronda Rousey on The Tonight Show last month and she predicted her own knockout.

For The Win reported that Rousey told Jimmy Fallon that Holly Holm was the biggest threat to her.

“She’s the type of fighter you have to be very patient with. She’s going to try to keep distance and keep far away from me and keep me frustrated and to the point where I’ll make a mistake and she’ll try to kick me in the head — but it’s not going to go like that.”

It appears Rousey was right about the threat Holm posed to her. Holly Holm’s defeat of Ronda Rousey was certainly one to remember and Twitter lit up with reactions from fans.

Jimmy Fallon also brought the music scene to its knees when he had “A Tribe Called Quest” reunite on his show last Friday night. It was the first television appearance the group had made together in 15 years and it was a celebration of the 25th anniversary reissue of their debut album “People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm.”

A Tribe Called Quest earned zero royalties from “Can I Kick It?” because of the sample used. pic.twitter.com/JDTtZlEHRE

— Only Hip Hop Facts (@OnlyHipHopFacts) November 25, 2015

The last time the hip hop legend performed was as the opening act for Kanye West in 2013. With Jimmy Fallon, they performed their hit from 1991, “Can I Kick It?” They most definitely kicked it! Jimmy Fallon’s in-house band, The Roots, gave some good backup for the group.

According to Rolling Stone, Phife said that he thinks it’s ludicrous that the band isn’t playing together anymore.

“I think it is ludicrous that we are not performing together.”

While the rapper wouldn’t clarify what’s preventing a full-scale reunion, he did make some comments.

“It’s dumb, and I don’t agree with it and we’re doing the fans a great injustice by not getting together and rocking, and that’s all I can really speak on as far as that goes.”

At least Jimmy Fallon managed to bring them together. Jimmy has that talent of bringing people together, making them laugh, making himself laugh, and just making sure everyone has a good time. Plus, he can take it as good as he gives it!

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]