Jeb Bush Wants War: ‘Unleash The Military’ Cries Bush While Barack Obama Claims ISIS Is Less Of A Threat Than Climate Change

Jeb Bush has slammed U.S. President Barack Obama for saying that climate change is a “bigger threat” to America and its allies than radical Islam.

Obama made the comment at a climate change summit, as reported by Fox News. Fox also interviewed Republican candidate Jeb Bush, who can be seen shaking his head in disbelief at president Obama’s statement.


Jeb Bush made his approach to war with ISIS clear in an interview with CNN, as reported by Politico. “Unleash the military” declared the GOP presidential hopeful and brother of former president George W. Bush, who controversially sent American troops into Iraq and Afghanistan in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

Jeb Bush said he is not sure if defeating ISIS will require “boots on the ground” (something Obama has rejected). So what does he mean by “unleash the military”?

NY News quotes Bush as saying,

“I can’t tell you if we are going to have boots on the ground but certainly, a more expanded role for the special operators would be essential. And being more effective in strikes as it is relates to the air. We need to unleash the military in unison with our partners in Europe and the Middle East to be effective in this regard.”

In addition to expanding the role for the U.S. special operations forces (who are not “fighters”) that Barack Obama has already sent in, and cooperating with allies in Europe and the Middle East, Jeb Bush calls for smarter and more strategic engagement with the many different camps of rebels who are fighting on the ground against Syrian leader Assad.

Jeb Bush outlined his plan to defeat ISIS to Fox.

“We need no fly zones, we need safe zones. It requires re-arming Kurdish forces in Iraq and re-engaging with Sunni tribal leaders who were successful fighting side-by-side with the surge. It means a strategy! We don’t have a strategy. This president is incrementally getting us into a quagmire without having a strategy to defeat ISIS.”

Barack Obama’s comment that “climate change is a bigger threat” than radical Islam indeed seems to downplay the ISIS threat, but Obama supporters have an interesting take on it – it has been called “a powerful rebuke” to terrorists. Obama’s supporters argue that by getting on with business as usual, concentrating on domestic issues and the threat of climate change, Obama has sent a strong message that the US will not be cowed and will not allow itself to be terrorised.

It is also worth noting that elements of Obama’s plan to defeat ISIS have been kept secret – not all has been revealed. Could president Obama be hiding elements of his strategy and publicly downplaying the ISIS threat in order to lull the the terrorists into a “false sense of security”?

White house press secretary Josh Earnest declared that Obama indeed has a strategy to destroy and degrade ISIS.

Earnest speaks of a “diplomatic solution” that has a “military component.” All we know is that the military component relates to those 50 United States special operations forces who will be “coordinating moderate rebels” rather than fighting on the ground.

Earnest asserts that there are details of the special operation that will not be revealed to the public.

“The less-than-fifty number is accurate. I cannot be more specific than that, primarily for reasons related to operational security. There are a number of details related to this decision that I am not in a position to discuss in this public setting.”

Jeb Bush’s “unleash the military” cry comes as a rebuttal to the notion that a “diplomatic solution” is all that is needed. “We need to be merciless” Bush says.

“This is a threat to Western civilisation – a threat to our own country” Bush said as he argued for a full, aggressive and multi-faceted militaristic engagement in the Middle East.

The military-minded GOP candidate took the opportunity afforded by the Thanksgiving holiday to express his appreciation for U.S. soldiers fighting overseas.


We love you very much, we respect the work that you do. Come back home soon, safe and sound.

Jeb Bush has also taken the time to respond to Republican presidential rival Donald Trump’s comments about muslims “celebrating on 9/11”, as reported by ABC News.

Trump claimed that he saw Muslim-Americans celebrating on September 11 this year, seemingly full of glee as they recalled the slaughter of thousands of Americans at the hands of jihadists.


Jeb Bush, who was also in New Jersey when the incident supposedly occurred, denied that this had happened, asserting that “it would have been recorded” and broadcast on television.

“I don’t recall that. There was no cheering on any — it would have been television, it would have been recorded. What I remember were a lot of peaceful Muslims that were disheartened and grieved and sad and angry just as every other American was as well.”


Is Jeb Bush right – should Obama “unleash the military” on ISIS?

[Image by AP Photo/Mic Smith]