Man Creates Fake Black Friday Ads For Target That Will Have You In Stitches

For a lot of people in the United States, Black Friday is not just a big deal — it’s a serious deal. Black Friday means gathering up all those amazing, magical Black Friday circulars, pouring over them to decide which wonderful deals to go after, mapping out routes in order of importance, time, and preference. People even leave their families on Thanksgiving Day itself in order to score some of the deep savings that Black Friday promises.

Photoshop wizard and comedian Jeff Wysaski decided to take advantage of the Black Friday craze and create his own Black Friday deals. And not only did he create very authentic looking Black Friday ads for Target, he plastered them on the walls of the local store, as well.

The famed doorbuster deal — the one that is supposed to be so amazing that people will line up before the doors even open in order to snag it? A tent with an angry possum in it, priced at just $24.99.

And, the fake Target ad proclaims, anyone who spends $75 or more is eligible for a free falcon. And if that isn’t enough of an awesome deal, the ad supplies a list of suggested falcon names that includes such gems as Nicodemus (it does sound rather falcon-esque somehow, doesn’t it) and the more pop-culture savvy Feather Locklear.

Man creates fake Black Friday ads.
What a steal! [Image credit: Jeff Wysaski]

The fake Black Friday ad for Target also includes a section devoted to the special centaur in your life and suggests a bottle of Hair and Mane shampoo, a stand-up desk unit, and a precision archery set. Because, of course, a centaur would love getting any of those for Christmas.

Man creates hilarious fake Black Friday ads.
For that special half-horse, half-human in your life. [Image credit: Jeff Wysaski]

And if you are looking to score big on electronics, there is a television on sale. Take a whopping 30 percent off of all Skittles brand televisions at Target and you can “taste the savings.”

There is a section entitled “Gifts they’ll use only once.” (And who doesn’t have a closet with a few items still boxed up that we were certain we would just love and just never, ever used?) This section in the Target circular advertises gadgets like a bread maker, a juicer, treadmills, and a telescope.

There is one section that actually advertises some items that some people would actually probably buy — if they happen to be hardcore Star Wars fans, that is. There’s a Star Wars Episode VII hot dog blaster that “shoots REAL hot dogs!” that is on sale for only $39.99. And for the Star Wars fan who also happens to be a neat freak, there are several Star Wars-themed cleaning products to choose from, including the Star Wars space suckin’ vacuum cleaner priced at $89, the Luke Skymopper, which comes with a four-foot Luke Skywalker figure on sale for $39, and a Chewbacca toilet brush scrubber (because of course) which normally retails for $21 but is on sale for the low price of $14, according to the fake Target ad.

Man creates hilarious fake Black Friday ad.
Be'd probably actually buy this stuff. [Image credit: Jeff Wysaski]

And for those hard-to-shop-for people on your list, of course, Target would have the answer, right? The ad features treasures such as an invitation to a kid’s Bar Mitzvah, a fanny pack filled with pudding (delicious and practical, right?), and a racist printer, which is on sale only because it is racist.

This isn’t the first time that Jeff Wysaski has put his Photoshop skills to the test. Posting under Imgur name obviousplant (because he doesn’t just make these fake ads — he actually plants them where they need to go!), Wysaski has mocked Halloween costumes (sexy potato, anyone?) as well as guidelines on how to perform CPR which would never, ever save a person’s life and might actually make you die laughing.

The ads are definitely worth perusing through and good for a laugh.

And if you are one of those who are going to brave the crowds — at Target or anywhere else — after the Thanksgiving holiday in order to score some sweet deals, check out our tips for shopping smart on Black Friday here.

[Photo by Scott Olsen/Getty Images]