‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Who Will Die In Season 6 Fall Finale?

Last week on The Walking Dead, fans finally found out that Glenn is still alive just like they thought he was, but, of course, someone else is going to die now. This week is the big Season 6 finale, and Celeb Dirty Laundry is full of spoilers about who is going to end up dying this season. At the end of the last episode, everyone saw the wall fall down, which, of course, let in all the walkers and is going to wreak havoc for the cast. This is one of the worst things that could have ever happened. Several people will die, but are any of them that important to the show?

You will see the death of several extras that live in Alexandria, but they aren’t super important characters. Deanna is going to die, but at least this isn’t someone who fans will react to the way that they did when Glenn supposedly died a couple of weeks ago. Deanna will be missed, but nobody will be refusing to watch the show over her loss. Deanna will get a very touching moment on The Walking Dead before losing her life, though. This all happens because she is doing all that she can to keep Rick from losing his life. Of course, Daryl is safe since fans would throw a fit if something happened to him.

Of course, she won’t be the only one to die on The Walking Dead this week. It does look like Jessie might also die as well, but that has not been confirmed yet. Carl will not die, but this character is not going to get away from this unharmed. If you are a fan of The Walking Dead and have read the comic books, you will remember when he had a big eye injury. In the comic books, Carl was shot in the eye, and it looks like this is what is going to happen on The Walking Dead. He has been spotted with something over his eye, and if they go the same way as the comics, then Carl will lose his eye completely. That will make things harder for Carl, but at least he will survive.


Undead Walking shared that a few other huge things will happen on The Walking Dead fall finale. Morgan and Carol will not be able to get along on a few things and will be butting heads. Both are sure they are right, and this is going to end up in a pretty big fight between the two on this week’s The Walking Dead. Father Gabriel will actually be able to redeem himself on this episode. He will get some blood on his hands helping save people and will actually be opening his doors this time on The Walking Dead instead of closing them.

Hopefully, The Walking Dead has learned their lesson about pretending that a character was dead. The ratings dropped, but, of course, they are back up now that Glenn is alive. If they were to ever do something similar with Rick or Daryl, The Walking Dead could end up losing some fans forever.

Don’t miss the season finale of The Walking Dead when it airs on AMC on Sunday, November 29. This will be the mid-season finale, and they will probably leave us all hanging with a few cliffhangers. Are you excited for the finale of The Walking Dead? Sound off in the comments on your thoughts about the spoilers for this finale.

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for AMC]