Ohio Bakery Sparks Controversy With ‘Politically Incorrect’ Sign On Front Door

An Ohio bakery is in the spotlight with a “politically incorrect” sign that they have chosen to display in the window. The bold message stands out for all to see as they walk in the door to purchase the yummy pastries waiting for them inside. Owner of Schuler’s Bakery, Trent Schuler, made a personal statement, and it is suddenly going viral.

The business is located in Springfield, Ohio, and is getting plenty of attention, both good and bad. According to KUTV News, Schuler is surprised by all of the calls that are coming his way in response to the sign that is stuck to the front door. The Ohio bakery is also getting lots of love from customers who are flocking in to give him their support.


The blue and white sign in the window pretty much explains what the bakery’s stance is on not being politically correct. This message gives the customer a chance to walk away if they do not agree with their views. This is what you will read before you take a step inside.

“Notice: This store is politically incorrect. We say Merry Christmas, God bless America, we salute our flag & give thanks to our troops, police officers and firefighters. If this offends you, you are welcome to leave. In God we trust.”

It has a pro-American and pro-God message, and is getting tons of responses since it went up. It seems that many patrons agree with this message, and their business is doing great. According to the Blaze, business has doubled since news of the sign has gone viral. People are coming in in support of the Ohio bakery.

According to Katelynn Jackson, a Schuler’s Bakery employee, she said that they didn’t put the sign up to get all of the publicity that has come their way. They did it to prove a point. That point has certainly been taken and their statement has been made. Trent Schuler expressed why he chose to put the sign on the front door.

“Many of us feel we are being told what we are suppose to think or what we are suppose to say. I had no idea it was going to turn out like this. I think it’s great, though, the overwhelming amount of support that people have given to just expressing your opinion.”


Trent Schuler told Fox and Friends that all he has done was to express his opinions and that not everyone has to agree with them. He also said that he hopes that this statement will encourage others to express their own opinions and not be afraid to so. He mentioned that he wants to support the troops, police officers, and God as well, which he says America was founded on.

Sign at this Ohio bakery sparks controversy. (Photo by Schuler's Bakery Facebook) Sign at this Ohio bakery sparks controversy. [Image via Schuler’s Bakery/Facebook]Of course, with the positive responses also come many negative comments from others who are not too keen on the bakery’s statement on being “politically incorrect.” However, the owner and the rest of the workers are not too worried about the negativity that this brings. They are all about freedom of speech and being able to express themselves by standing up for what they believe in.

This controversy of being able to express someone’s freedom of speech, especially if it is a business, always brings on a hot debate. This one will be no exception as it already has started. This bakery in Ohio has received negative phone calls about this sign. However, Schuler’s is still getting plenty of people going through their doors who feel the same way that they do, that it is okay to be “politically incorrect.”

What is your opinion on this statement that the Ohio bakery has made?

[Image via Schuler’s Bakery/Facebook]