‘Golden Girls’ Granny Panties Really Do Exist, And Christmas Is Right Around The Corner

Every year at Christmas, there are the strange items that land online, and people start passing them around thinking they will make a great gift. There are gag gifts, inside joke presents, and even pills that will let you poop glitter. All of those things may have met their match, though, as there are now Golden Girls granny panties for sale on Etsy.

Candice Pugh is a stay-at-home mom in Utah who creates a lot of items to sell online, and many of them are granny panty designs. She uses pop culture, heartthrobs, and icons in the history of television and movies, such as the Golden Girls, for her underwear.

Yes, you can now wear panties featuring Betty White — Rose Nylund herself — to feel a little more like a resident of St. Olaf.

golden girls panties rose betty white
Image via Etsy

If Rose wasn’t your favorite member of the Golden Girls, don’t worry. All of the wonderful women from the show are represented. Sophia, played by Estelle Getty, has a pair, and they are closer to the “granny” side of things since she was meant to be the oldest character on the show.

golden girls panties sophia
Image via Etsy

For those who are a bit more cynical about life and want things a tad toned down, there are the Dorothy granny panties. As you can see, the panties with Bea Arthur’s face on them aren’t as bright colored and have a more foreboding feel to them.

golden girls panties bea arthur
Image via Etsy

Last, but most certainly not least, there are the overly appropriate Blanche granny panties, which showcase Rue McClanahan on them. They are bright and yellow and almost fully lace. Fashionably Geek made sure to point out that much like their inspiration, these granny panties also happen to be crotchless.

golden girls panties rue mclanahan blanche
Image via Etsy

Pugh’s store on Etsy has been selling the Golden Girls granny panties as a four-pack, but currently, the item is listed as “unavailable.” It could be that they are currently sold out because Christmas is right around the corner, but hopefully they will be back on sale soon.

UPDATE: It appears as if the Golden Girls four-pack of custom-size panties are getting a lot of attention and traffic, so keep trying. This link takes you straight to the four-pack, which are a steal at just $160.

Etsy is a place that has things you may never even believe would exist.

In the meantime, you can pick up a four-pack of Golden Girls drink holders, a Golden Girls pillow, or even pop art, light switch plates, T-shirts, and Christmas cards with the popular ladies. There are other options for more serious moments such as the set of four Golden Girls prayer candles.

'Golden Girls' granny panties
(Image via Etsy)

Not bad for just $45.

Now, if the Golden Girls aren’t your cup of tea, Pugh has a number of other items in her store that could be more your speed. There are some granny panties with kittens on them, Bob Ross, Shia LaBeouf, and even the Lady of Guadalupe.

Perhaps you’re feeling a little frisky, though, and want that “Hey Girl, Hey” feeling this Christmas with your own Ryan Gosling panties.

'Golden Girls' granny panties
(Image via Etsy)

The description on Candice Pugh’s Etsy shop, Bullets and Bees, says that it’s essentially “Handcrafted. Geeky Gaudy Girl. Lingerie.” While raising her wild 15-month-old little girl named Adele, she creates some awesome granny panties and other lingerie for people to enjoy.

Whether you’re looking for pills that will allow you to poop glitter or Golden Girls granny panties, Etsy is the place for you to go shopping this Christmas. Enjoy the holidays with Dorothy, Sophia, Rose, and Blanche close to your heart and keeping you warm.

[Image via Etsy/Bullets and Bees]