‘Merry Matrimony’: Hallmark Heats Up Christmas With Romance Movie, Starring Jessica Lowndes And Christopher Russell

Merry Matrimony is a 2015 romantic comedy movie premiering on the Hallmark Channel on Sunday, November 22. Merry Matrimony is directed by John Bradshaw and written by Rickie Castaneda, with David Perlmutter, Rob Vaughn, and Dominique Tesler acting as executive producers. Hallmark is still entertaining its loyal viewers by providing original movies every weekend until Christmas. The movie also debuts just before their five night Thanksgiving movie event. Merry Matrimony‘s cast stars, Jessica Lowndes as Brie, Christopher Russell as Eddie Chapman, Jennifer Gibson as Isabella, and Farrah Aviva as Megan, according to The Los Angeles Times.


In the trailer and preview for Merry Matrimony, viewers see Brie telling her boyfriend, Eddie, to follow his dreams. He promises to return to her someday, but years pass without any communication between the couple. Brokenhearted, Brie feels that Eddie is her one, true love that got away.

Focusing on her career, Brie works as a highly-paid advertising executive for a top notch ad firm. She’s has an opportunity to move up in the company, but she must first organize a Christmas wedding party for a fashion magazine. If she is able to pull it off without a hitch, she will become partner at the firm. Brie is excited by the prospect of a new position, but she is under a lot of pressure to organize the event to perfection. She gets paired up with a high-powered fashion photog, a man who is serious about his work. To her surprise, the man is none other than her ex-boyfriend from college, Eddie.

She has all sorts of feelings about seeing Eddie again. To make matters even more stressful, the owner of the fashion magazine is a stunning socialite, whom Brie believes is dating her ex. But, what hasn’t been revealed is that this new hook up between Brie and her ex is no mistake. Eddie is the one who orchestrated working with Brie on the event. Will Brie be able to direct the bridal magazine photo shoot to her boss’ liking? And will she be excited to know that Eddie is trying to recapture her heart?

In Merry Matrimony, Jessica Lowndes and Christopher Russell have great on-screen chemistry. The plot is something that Jessica Lowndes could relate to. In an interview with Home and Family, she stated that ever since she was a little girl, she wanted to be an actress in Hollywood. By the time she was in high school, she got the chance to travel from her home in Canada to Los Angeles, where she met an amazing cast on a show that she was working on, prompting her to ask her parents to home school her so that she could move out to California to pursue acting. Her father knew what it was like to want to pursue one’s dreams, so he allowed her to do it and the rest is Hollywood history.

Christopher Russell

“[Christopher] Russell recently filmed the lead role of “Madison” in ABC Family’s pilot Gorgeous Morons.() His many television credits prior to that include guest star and recurring appearances on Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce, Men in Trees with Anne Heche, Flashpoint, The Listener, Murdoch Mysteries, The CW’s IZombie, Nikita, Supernatural and Beauty and the Beast, as well as the TV movies Love, Again, Midnight Masquerade, The Boy Next Door, Seduced By Lies, and “Catch A Christmas Star.() 
His film credits include “Gone Tomorrow,” “Gangster Exchange,” George Romero’s Land of the Dead.”

Jessica Lowndes

“After captivating audiences and critics alike with her powerfully dynamic portrayal of drug addicted pregnant teen actress ‘Adrianna’ on the CW’s hit series 90210.() Lowndes’ incredibly authentic depiction of a drug-addicted teen on 90210 yielded her a nomination for a Prism award for her ‘Performance in a Drama Multi-Episode Storyline.’ In 2014, Lowndes played Bruce Willis’s love interest opposite John Cusack in action thriller The Prince. Earlier this year, Jessica starred alongside Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig in Lifetime’s A Deadly Adoption.”

If this sounds like your cup of holiday tea, tune in tonight at 8/7 central for Merry Matrimony on the Hallmark Channel. Looking for more? Inquisitr recently covered some other movies: The Christmas Ornament and Northpole: Open For Christmas.

Merry Matrimony trailer

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