‘Jessica Jones’: Krysten Ritter And David Tennant Talk About Their New Roles

Jessica Jones is the latest Marvel series available on Netflix. Before wrapping up filming, Entertainment Weekly was able to sit down with Jessica Jones star Krysten Ritter to talk about the new 13-episode series.

Jessica Jones is about a former superhero who suffers from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). She decided to open her own detective agency and work as a private investigator to make ends meet. Ritter’s character can be described as rough around the edges and she spends nights drinking.

In the Entertainment Weekly interview, Ritter talked more about the character of Jessica Jones and says that unlike other Marvel superheroes, Jessica Jones does the job “just to make a buck.” In addition, Ritter describes Jones as being “a real misfit. She’s a real f*****g misfit.”

“She’s not trying to save the city or really do anything. She’s making money to buy whiskey. She’s a P.I. because it’s a great opportunity for her to use her unorthodox skills and not work with people and work at night. She doesn’t have to exist and socialize.”

Ritter went on to say that it’s her longest role yet. She’s been on set for eight months shooting all the episodes, and despite saying that she’s sleep deprived, Krysten says that working on Jessica Jones is a “thrilling experience” that’s nothing like she’s ever imagined. Ritter also learned how to box and had fight-training sessions to prepare for her role. Admittedly, she says that she was thrilled to do it and was so into it that she “accidentally hit people.” Jessica Jones is a super strong superhero and is a brawler, which requires Krysten to do quite a lot of action sequences.

attend the "Jessica Jones" Series Premiere at Regal E-Walk on November 17, 2015 in New York City.
Cast of Jessica Jones at premiere night. [Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images]

Krysten Ritter also talked about her co-actor, David Tennant, a Scottish actor who is best known for his role as the Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who. Ritter is impressed by Tennant, who plays Kilgrave, Jessica Jones’ nemesis.

“David is constantly impressing me. His acting is like jazz. He’s doing one thing, and then he’s doing something else. He can do a five-page scene like nothing. I’m just continually impressed by him and his work ethic. He’s so positive. He’s just a great guy.”

David Tennant, on the other hand, spoke with the Independent about playing Kilgrave. Kilgrave, also known as Purple Man, is a villain with the power to control minds in order to get them to do what he wants. And of course, just like what a villain would do, he doesn’t use his powers for the greater good. However, Tennant defends his character by saying that anyone who has Kilgrave’s power would have a difficult time being good if they can control people to do whatever they want.

“He’s not a supervillain in the traditional sense. He’s not trying to take over the UN or launch a nuclear bomb or become leader of the free world. He’s just trying to have a nice time.”

Admittedly, David Tennant says that he feels sympathy for Kilgrave’s character, who he says is just following his heart in order to get what he wants, which is Jessica Jones’ affection.

“That’s what he is chasing, and we can all sympathise with that sense of wanting what you can never have. You may argue with his methods, but he’s only following his heart.”

During the interview, when asked if Kilgrave will make it to any future Marvel movies, the actor was tight-lipped.

“What Marvel may or may not have planned for any of their actors or properties I am not at liberty to discuss.”

Tennant didn’t say yes, but he didn’t say no either. Do you want Jessica Jones or Kilgrave to appear in future Marvel movies? Will you be binge-watching Jessica Jones on Netflix? Share your comments below.

[Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images]

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