Glenn Beck to Take Down Glee with New Show

It’s official–conservative talking head Glenn Beck might be a bit bored. The former Fox News host has been known for his controversial views on an array of topics, and now he says he’s dedicating his time to destroying Glee, the Fox show, which heavily features what some might say a liberal agenda to its teen demographic.

Beck explained at the Faith & Freedom Coalition conference in Washington, DC that by creating his own type of Glee show with a conservative swing he will start a crusade in order to defend family values.

These family values that Glenn Beck hopes to feature on his show is a way to swing back against the things Glee preaches. The talk radio host further explained his opinion on the show, stating, “Everybody is sleeping with everybody else. There’s no values. It’s all self-gratification. It’s a nightmare. It’s horrifying some of the things that they’re teaching high schoolers.”

Glenn is determined to capture that lightning in a bottle that Ryan Murphy has captured in Glee by producing a show of the same caliber without any “stereotypical conservative Lee Greenwood music. It’s brilliantly done. It’s produced, brilliantly. Its music, brilliant. Its acting, brilliant. Its cinematography, brilliant. All of it!”

In fact, it looks like Beck already has the cooperation of one musical guest, telling the crowd, “We are working with a rapper — I can’t say who yet — but my audience and his audience will say, ‘What?’ We jokingly call this our Oedipus project because the left will be making out with me … and they’ll have no idea.”

Do you think the world needs two Glee shows for each political agenda, or do you think this is taking it a bit too far? Sound off here!