Donald Trump Death Threat Allegedly Made On Twitter

Donald Trump was allegedly threatened with violence on social media prior to his campaign rally last night in Worcester, Massachusetts, at the DCU Center.

Last Sunday, a Boston resident, age 18, allegedly transmitted the following tweet in advance of the GOP presidential front-runner's appearance in the area, according to Gateway Pundit which made a screen grab of the item, and which also claims that local newspaper Worcester Telegram and Gazette chose not to report the online death threat.

The tweet read as follows:

"All you Worcester gangsters and what not. You clearly have a mission on Wednesday. Kill Donald Trump."
Since then, the woman's Twitter account has been reconfigured to private status.

Her employer apparently fired her after the tweet surfaced.

Trump now has a Secret Service detail in addition to his private security team. "The Secret Service was aware of the online threat and took steps to investigate and ensure Trump's safety [Wednesday] night," the Gateway Pundit website noted.

Donald Trump with security detail
[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]The threat against Donald Trump was first revealed by the Turtleboy Sports website, which as its mission "gives you strictly the hottest takes from a New England perspective."
The website described what happened after it published the tweet allegedly calling for the hit on Donald Trump.
"Well as it turns out a bunch of people were listening to the police scanner yesterday around 7:30 when a cruiser was dispatched to this young lady's house. But they weren't going to investigate the threat, they were going because SHE called the cops. Apparently she was fired from her job today, and consequently she wants to file charges against Turtleboy Sports for……something. Because if you're a millennial in 2015 then nothing is every your fault and there should never be consequences for poor decision making."
Trump started receiving Secret Service protection on November 11 (his code name is supposedly "Mogul"), although several months after he received a death threat from El Chapo, the fugitive cartel boss. State and local police also provided security for Trump at the Massachusetts event which took place in the same city where weapons were recently stolen from an Army Reserve center.

In October, Trump called for the Secret Service to provide security for his campaign and criticized officials for being insufficiently proactive. "I want to put them on notice because they should have a liability. Personally, I think if Obama were doing as well as me he would've had Secret Service [earlier]. I have by far the biggest crowds," he said at the time.

Donald Trump supporter
[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]According to The Hill, Donald Trump's poll ratings among GOP primary voters have increased since the Paris terrorist attacks on Friday the 13th. His lead in New Hampshire has increased by four points according to one survey, while his margin in Florida -- despite having two rivals from the Sunshine State -- is solid, if not on the rise. Other reports indicate that the billionaire businessman and former reality show star is way ahead in the early primary state of South Carolina.

"A Reuters poll on Tuesday asked voters which of the candidates was best-suited to deal with the threat of terrorism. Among Republican voters, 36 percent opted for Trump. The next most popular response was 'none,' at 17 percent. [Florida Senator Marco] Rubio was again in second place in the survey among actual candidates, but he lagged Trump by 20 percentage points," The Hill explained.

During the Worcester rally, at least two hecklers tried to interrupt Trump's one-hour, stream-of-consciousness, teleprompter-free presentation. About the second heckler who interrupted when the candidate mentioned 50 million U.S. residents are on food stamps, Trump quipped that "It's amazing; I mention food stamps and that guy who is seriously overweight went crazy…amazing."

A tracking poll from Reuters/IPSO suggests that Trump is currently surging, with 42 percent support of GOP primary voters, apparently despite what most agree was another lackluster debate performance (on the Fox Business Channel), at least as compared to U.S. Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, and his personal digs at Dr. Ben Carson, Trump's nearest rival.

Apart from it being in bad taste and completely inappropriate, do you think a tweet calling on Worcester gangsters to kill Donald Trump was a serious threat to his personal safety?

[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]

Added: Another heckler arrested at the Donald Trump event in Worcester reportedly served a one-year prison sentence in 2006 in connection with planting a makeshift bomb at a local Marine recruitment center according to