Corey Simms’ Father Reveals New Details About Baby Remi: Does The Newest ‘Teen Mom 2’ Kid Look Like Leah Messer’s Twins? [Photos]

Corey Simms and wife Miranda welcomed daughter Remington Monroe Simms earlier this month, and while the child remains under medical care in the ICU following her premature birth, Corey Simms’ father continues to update Teen Mom 2 fans on his new grandchild.

In a series of tweets shared on November 19, Corey Simms’ father, Jeff Simms, answered a couple of questions from a fan.

In his first tweet, which came in response to questions about when Corey Simms and his wife would be able to take their child, Jeff explained, “It depends on how the baby does. When Remi can do what the doctors want her to do she can go home.”

Jeff then answered a question about who the baby looked like, saying, “Remi has some of both parents features but I can see both Ali and Gracie in her.”

Corey Simms and his wife, Miranda, have been seemingly silent on their social media pages since welcoming their daughter, which seems to hint that they may be staying by the side of their premature baby in the hospital, and who can blame them? Luckily, however, Corey Simms’ father continues to share tweets, assuring fans that while baby Remington remains in the ICU, she is doing well, and will hopefully be home soon.

Just weeks before Corey Simms’ wife gave birth (two months prior to her January, 2016, due date), he and his first wife, Leah Messer, were in court to address their custody battle over Ali and Aleeah, their 5-year-old twin girls. One year prior, Corey Simms filed for full custody of their daughters, claiming he was better suited to be the girls’ primary caretaker.

“Leah’s really been screwing up since then, so [Corey Simms] took her back to court,” a source told In Touch Weekly last month. “The judge looked at the girls’ school records, which show that they’ve been late for school, and made the change in custody.”

During Teen Mom 2 season 6, Messer’s daughter Aleeah was sick, but instead of taking Ali to school, where she was expected to be, Messer chose to keep her home, as well, despite Corey Simms being available to help out. Then, after Corey Simms reprimanded her for not contacting him so that Ali could have gotten to school, Messer’s twins were seen painting their nails with Messer’s friend, who had joined them at their family home.

According to the report, Corey Simms “was awarded primary custody, effective immediately” on October 13, just months after wrapping filming on season 6.

“Leah only gets the girls on the weekends now,” a family insider added.

In the same report, the family insider claimed Messer’s third child, 2-year-old Adalynn, whose father is Jeremy Calvert, was recently involved in a scary incident.

“Everyone is very worried about Addie. She recently wandered out of the house while Leah was distracted. Thankfully, a police officer found Addie and brought her back home.”

Following her marriage to Corey Simms, Messer began dating, and later married Calvert. Then, in November of last year, after accusing Messer of being unfaithful, Calvert filed for divorce.

“If [Jeremy] can find [a job] nearby, he’ll go for the same custody arrangement that [Corey Simms] did.”

During Teen Mom 2 season 6, Corey Simms was seen meeting with Calvert to discuss the end of his marriage to Messer, and the ongoing struggles they’ve had with her. During their chat, Calvert alleged Messer was dealing with a “prescription pill problem” (which Messer denies), while Corey Simms claimed he and Calvert would never see their kids if they displayed the same behavior as their ex-wife.

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