Mother Cat Takes Bullet In The Head To Save Kittens

A mother cat has proven that moms will do anything for their kids, even taking a bullet to the head to protect them.

Cindy the cat is proof of a mother’s love after rescuers found her hovering over her kittens to protect them, and took them to a local shelter in Santa Fe, California. Once there, The Huffington Post reports that it was tough to coax Cindy away from her kittens, because of how skittish she was.

Once they pulled her away, they discovered the reason–someone had shot at the mother cat and her kittens with a BB gun. The Indy Channel notes that veterinarians at the Helen Woodward Animal Center were able to remove the bullet from Cindy’s head so that she could be reunited with her babies.

The Daily Mail reports that Dr Oba with the Helen Woodward Animal Center stated:

“Mommy and baby kitties are all doing fine, but it was touch and go when they first arrived. They were all very tiny, malnourished, unvaccinated and very scared. It took a gentle hand to pull that Momma away from her babies.”

Another shelter staff member, Shannon Bush, stated, “I like to think every mother would do the same. She certainly is a role model to mothers everywhere.”

Cindy and her kittens are currently recovering at the shelter, according to The Daily Mail, but they will be available for adoption soon.

The Huffington Post reports that she is not the only mother cat to make the news for going to incredible lengths to save her litter. In 1996, Scarlett, a mother cat in Brooklyn, ran into a burning house repeatedly to save each of her five kittens.

Mom Cat Takes Bullet For Kittens