Mariah Carey: Diva Brings Sound Crew To Bedroom, Opens Up About Boyfriend James Packer

Mariah Carey has earned her title as a diva quite honestly, and no matter how hard the songstress tries to be a down-to-earth human being, she is always going to be labelled as such. So why not turn up the diva behavior a notch? There has been no exception to Carey’s “bratty” demands as of late. As In Touch notes, Mariah’s latest diva move may be her biggest one to date.

“The mom-of-two, 45, lived up to her reputation when she shared a shot of a crew recording her voice — while she stayed in bed!”

That’s right! Mariah was feeling a bit tired and perhaps lazy, so the “Hero” singer summoned the sound crew to her boudoir in order to get her voice recorded. Mariah posted a pic of the unusual occasion to her Instagram with a caption befitting of a superstar diva.

“Working from bed … Sometimes you have to make the voiceover studio come to YOU.”

As ridiculous as it seems, it would be a sweet life to be able to work so glamorously from the comfort of bed. Having a whole crew in the bedroom may be just a touch unsettling, but this is Mimi, after all.

Perhaps Mariah’s so used to being pampered due to the manner in which her billionaire boyfriend treats her. Carey has expressed over the past few months that James Packer is the perfect match for her, as he dotes on her endlessly. Recently Carey spoke about Packer, and did not hold back on relaying how incredible James has been to her and for her.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Carey, who arrived wearing a beautiful diamond necklace, indicated that the jewelry was, in fact, purchased by Packer.

“It was a surprise… He’s given me one before, so this was like surprise No. 2.”

Lavish gifts aside, Carey also expanded about James’ good and loving nature.

“He’s just an incredible guy. He really is a good person, and that’s hard to find. I think anybody that’s a friend of his would say the same thing, if not more, so I can’t say enough nice things about him… He’s just a spectacular guy.”

The affection between the couple is clearly mutual, and although there were recent reports of a rocky patch that the duo endured, it appears as though Carey and Packer are going strong in their romance.

Although the pair have been an item since the summer, Carey and Packer didn’t make their red carpet debut until September, when they stepped out looking wonderful together at the Tribeca Film Institute’s gala for The Intern.

The 49-year-old businessman seems to be the perfect complement to Mariah’s need to be spoiled and fawned over. With a kind and caring nature and infinite financial resources, Packer is simply a perfect find for Carey after the star endured a pretty tough split from ex Nick Cannon.

The superstar and Cannon, however, remain infatuated with their adorable twins, and Mariah recently relayed that her little ones are suddenly now becoming aware of who she is and what a big star she is. In the interview with Access Hollywood, Mariah shared in regards to her twins’ discover about their famous mommy.

“My son has started saying, ‘You’re Mariah Carey. It’s like, ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t handle it,’ I don’t even know who taught him that. It definitely wasn’t me!”

Perhaps her son’s interest in his mom’s celebrity status began when Mariah invited a whole sound crew to record her voice in her bedroom.

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]