Joseph Griffin GoPro Selfie: Hilarious Footage Shows Vacationing Father's Mistake

Joseph Griffin, an Irishman who recently enjoyed a dream vacation in Las Vegas, has become a viral star in less than a week after he unknowingly (and hilariously) recorded all his travels in selfie mode. As explained in a report from People magazine, the confused dad did not know how to use the GoPro camera, and in the four-minute video, Joseph Griffin's GoPro selfie video shows him looking at the camera as he describes his surroundings, all the while believing the camera is capturing the trip.

Griffin's son, Evan, loaned his father a GoPro camera to immortalize his trip to Vegas. However, he forgot to teach him how to use it, and the result is a hilarious video that has now gone viral on social media networks. The video was shared on YouTube as a joke by his son, who edited the video and added circus music for the adventure.

"So... Gave my Dad my GoPro while he was in Las Vegas, I did not, however, instruct him on how to use it, so my dad being my dad, and a culchie (a rural Irishman), didn't know which way to point the f**king thing," he writes in the description of the video that was posted on YouTube.

Speaking to the Irish website JOE, Evan gave the following statement regarding the video.
"They went for my mam's birthday so I gave it [the GoPro] to them. All the footage is only from the first day 'cause my dad later took it swimming without the waterproof case and fried it so missed out on the Grand Canyon and everything, haha."
As the GoPro selfie video was quite long, Evan decided to edit the footage and join several clips of the film into one. The result is a confused Irish dad in Las Vegas who has become a great vlogger by accident. As of this writing, the video has already been seen by over six million people in less than a week and has become the talk of Facebook.
The naturalness of Joseph, who constantly talks and even sings throughout the video, has been one of the secrets of success of the video. Throughout the footage, the tourist explains what street he's on, which monuments he sees, and even comments on things that catch his eye.

"There's the Trump Tower, same colour as his hair," he says at one point in the video.

Griffin only realized he'd accidentally had the camera facing himself the whole time when he got back home to Ireland. Although the recorded material did not serve its original purpose, it has triggered an onslaught of hilarious comments and made thousands of people laugh across the globe.

The comments below are some examples of what a few users posted.

"This is gold, such a dad thing to do," one person wrote.

"This is way more golden than having videos of Vegas. Wish you got his reaction to seeing all the footage he took," another viewer responded.

"You can take the man out of cork, but you can't take cork out of the man!" Richard Gaule said.

After the ridicule of his closest relatives, Evan told media outlets he decided to make a montage with highlights of the trip and post it on social networks. The video has become a success, and it even caused a GoPro official to issue a remark, People reported.

"Classic dad move! What happens in Vegas, doesn't always stay in Vegas," a comment from the company read.

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