Liar? New Evidence Suggests Vicki Gunvalson Knew Ex Brooks Ayers Lied About Having Cancer

Reality star Vicki Gunvalson is caught in Brooks Ayers’ cancer controversy after reports claim she went along with Ayers’ lies to protect her TV career.

Ayers, 47, ex-boyfriend of the Real Housewives of Orange County cast Vicki Gunvalson, claimed he was diagnosed with stage three Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and to back up his claims, he sold his forged medical papers.

A source told Life & Style Ayers thought he could profit from exposing his worsening health condition. “Brooks went to his attorney and publicist a few weeks ago, telling them that he wanted to profit from his cancer story.”

Ayers claimed he received medical attention from the City of Hope hospital in LA but the said hospital confirmed they did not treat the reality star. However, his team did not know that he had already sold the forged medical papers for $12,000. As a result, his lawyer reportedly quit after the sale of his bogus medical papers.

Ayers neither confirmed nor denied having cancer, a source revealed.

Meanwhile, Gunvalson is trying to backpedal from the cancer lies and said she never believed her ex- boyfriend had cancer but she went along with Ayers’ lies because her career was at stake.

An insider told Radar that Vicki Gunvalson was about to be kicked out of the show, but then things turned in her favor after Ayers announced that he had been diagnosed with cancer.

“She was about to be booted from the show and then suddenly Brooks got diagnosed and everything changed. Vicki knew her ratings were better with him,” said the insider. On the newest episode of Real Housewives of Orange County, Ayers showed Tamra Judge his PET scan and CT scan to prove the he had cancer. However, according to oncologist Dr. Mirabeau-Beale, CT scans are not enough to tell if a patient has cancer.

“A CT scan is a diagnostic scan that gives axial images that show anatomy and can show abnormalities like a mass that would be concerning for cancer,” Beale explained. PET scans “…involve giving patients radioactive glucose which makes high turn-over cells, like cancer, light up like a Christmas tree.”

She added both PET and CT scans are used to detect if there are masses or lumps suspicious for cancer and to have actual diagnosis, a tissue biopsy is performed to confirm whether or not the masses are cancerous.

Beale also spotted several inconsistencies and lapses on the medical documents, which makes the records all the more suspicious. She said that although typographical errors are inevitable, the documents are reviewed before doctors give patients a final printout of the medical report.

As for his treatment, Ayers said on the show he is using vitamin therapy to cure his cancer. However, Beale ruled out vitamin therapy as a treatment for cancer saying it can be treated with surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. She also added that a juice cleanse is “not a standard nutritional recommendation” because it could lead to malnutrition.

Following Ayers’ cancer drama, Vicki Gunvalson was relieved after biopsy results of her daughter Briana Culberson showed no signs of cancer.

Gunvalson shared the news on Twitter and wrote, in all caps, “NO CANCER” has been detected before adding the hashtag #answeredprayers.

Culberson recently had an enlarged lymph node removed through surgery, Vicki Gunvalson announced on Twitter earlier this week. Her health issues have been featured a few times on the reality series. She is reported to be on the road to recovery.

While people are delighted to hear know that her daughter is cancer-free, fans of the reality show are accusing Vicki Gunvalson of being a hypocrite after being linked to Ayers’ cancer lies.

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