Ronda Rousey Will Likely Retire From UFC, Insider Gives Reasons

Ronda Rousey may have tasted her first ever defeat in her professional UFC career, but does that mean that it’s over for the former women’s bantamweight champ?

That’s what appears to be the case as “she might retire,” according to an insider close to the fighter’s camp.

In addition, the insider also said that as much as Rousey wants a rematch, she may just quit because losing was “never thought of at any time” and she has “a lot of things on her plate to achieve.”

These things could be related to her budding career as an actress in Hollywood. Rousey, 28, is set to star in Road House 2, a remake of the 1989 film that starred Patrick Swayze. The bantamweight championship fight on Saturday night was supposedly a means for her to secure her place among the UFC champions while she prepares for the film.

Before the fight, Rousey even told reporters that she wanted to “disappear for a while.” Thinking ahead, the former women’s bantamweight champ said that she will be filming movies, but said flicks won’t be out until after a year or two.

She previously planned to return for UFC 200 next year. This announcement would have been Rousey’s longest break from fighting since joining the MMA scene in 2011.

However, things did not go smoothly for Ronda Rousey as Holly Holm knocked her out in less than two rounds during their bout. Holm outclassed Rousey in almost every aspect of the match, keeping her distance and using her long legs and boxing skills to counter Rousey’s moves.

The fighter-turned-actress earlier admitted that Holm’s skill set was the “worst matchup” for her because of the latter’s ability to fight “on the outside.” She added that she should be patient and wary of Holm’s counter-punching.

Apparently, those things were not seen in Rousey’s game on Saturday night. She kept hitting air, and failed to move the fight to the ground.

Rousey suffered a busted lip and was taken to an Australian hospital for observation. It was not just a simple loss but also a total humiliation for the proud judoka.

Besides stating that Ronda Rousey would be fine, the source also related what the Furious 7 star is going through at the moment.

“The current situation that she has been dealing with most is that her pride has been shattered,” the insider said.

Retirement is also another probable step for Rousey, according to UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo in a statement he made recently.

Aldo spoke about UFC 193 in Melbourne, Australia, particularly the stunning loss of Rousey to Holm, who was supposedly the underdog of the match.

“It’s normal. There are wins and losses,” he said in the interview with Nova Uniao.

Jose Aldo Says Ronda Rousey Should Not Return To The UFC

Aldo said that he expected Holm to win because she kept the match to her strength, which is boxing. He said that as long as she was standing, she was the clear winner for him.

However, the Brazilian mixed martial artist made a controversial remark, claiming that men’s MMA is set at a “higher level” mainly because male mixed martial artists do not have just one specialty.

“Athletes have to be good standing and on the ground today. You have to be good wherever the fight goes and that’s how I try to be,” he said.

Aldo, who has an upcoming fight with Conor McGregor at UFC 194 in December, said that Ronda Rousey would probably just continue her Hollywood career because she’s already making money there.

Meanwhile, UFC president Dana White said in an earlier interview that Ronda Rousey would probably fight six more times before she retires. However, the statement was made before Holm took home Rousey’s bantamweight belt.

[Image by Harry How, Getty Images]