Portland Woman Pinned Under Dresser For Four Days Before Neighbors Called Cops

Authorities say that an Oregon woman was trapped under a dresser in her home for four days before anyone noticed her absence and called the authorities to investigate.

Neighbors began to worry when they hadn’t seen, spoken to, or heard from neighbor Virginia Cartier in four days. Neighbors then called the authorities after not seeing their 67-year-old neighbor, and asked them to go and check on the Cedar Mill community resident. Neighbors noted that Cartier lives alone, but her car hadn’t moved from the parking lot in days and that she usually lets them know if she leaves for long periods of time.

The authorities ultimately decided to force their way into Cartier’s home, and found her pinned underneath a dresser. The piece of furniture had apparently fallen on top of her while she was trying to move it. She was alive, but had injuries to her legs and was weak, in-and-out of consciousness, from days without food or water. She was sent to a hospital and later released, according to reports.

After being released from the hospital for minor injuries, Cartier is now recovering at the home of a friend.

Sgt. Vance Stimler of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office told KGW that without the intervention of Cartier’s neighbors, the situation could have been much worse. “If not for the concerned neighbors and decisive action of the deputies on scene the result of this situation could have been tragic,” he said.