Mariah Carey Christmas Movie Gets Ripped Apart Before Anybody Sees It

There are people who say that Mariah Carey isn’t relevant anymore. Her regular music isn’t selling like it used to (actually, nobody is really selling albums anymore) and her Vegas shows, in very small theaters, haven’t been completely sold out. According to Billboard’s Current Boxscore chart, Mariah Carey came in at No. 97, selling 6,071 tickets out of more than 11,000 available for a show in Australia. However, nobody can argue when it comes to the holiday season, Mariah Carey has earned the title of Queen of Christmas.

But is Carey taking that Christmas goodwill too far? Mariah now has attempted to direct and act in a Christmas movie, and according to the Huffington Post, it could be one of the year’s worst.

“But just because Carey is, at this point, as iconic a holiday figure as Rudolph, it doesn’t mean she can just take her silver bells to the television equivalent of the silver screen and say, ‘We belong together.’”

The Huffington Post notes that Mariah’s Christmas movie, A Christmas Melody, looks like a vanity project that could match her 2001 flop Glitter. Entertainment Tonight also insults Mariah Carey’s new movie by saying it looks like a parody of a Hallmark movie. The negativity towards this project especially rears its ugly head on Twitter.

Bobby Finger from Jezebel, however, is really excited about Mariah Carey’s new Christmas movie.

“I don’t want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need. I don’t care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree. I just want to DVR this tremendous piece of art. Santa grant my wish. All I want for Christmas is this.”

It’s not quite clear if Finger is being sarcastic or not. But the comments after his article on Jezebel aren’t too kind.

“I feel like the ‘Merry Christmas’ Mariah says at the end of that trailer is a threat,” says commenter ANS957.

“But does the cat from ‘Glitter’ have a cameo?” asks CreamDeCrop.

However, Mariah’s ardent fans have been defending her on Twitter.

Even if Carey’s Christmas movie doesn’t become a hit, Ms. Carey has something to celebrate.

On Billboard’s list of the artists with the most No. 1 singles, Carey is second to the Beatles. Carey topped the charts 18 times. Her last No. 1 song was “Touch My Body” from 2008. There are many who argued after the article that Mariah Carey didn’t deserve to be on the list because some of her No. 1 singles were deeply discounted to 49 cents while others sold for $2.99. However, once again, Mariah’s fans enthusiastically defended her.

Mariah Carey will play several shows at the Beacon Theater this holiday season. Her shows there last year received enthusiastic praise from fans. She will then play more Las Vegas dates in early 2016. Even if Mariah Carey isn’t at the top of her game anymore, she’s definitely not out of it. Are you excited about Mariah Carey’s new Christmas movie? Let us know in the comments section.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]