Paris Attacks — United States Army Sergeant Marcus Rogers Goes Viral With The 'Real Truth' Behind ISIS And Terrorism

Army officer Marcus Rogers is once again making headlines with a new video about the recent Paris attacks. According to Western Journalism, the sergeant attributed the terrorist attacks in Paris to acts of the devil and other supernatural forces.

"You want to know the truth about the attacks in Paris?" Rogers asked his audience. "ISIS and all these other things that are going on in the world, it's just the Enemy's pawns and his temper tantrum. Why is he throwing a temper tantrum? Because he knows his time is short. He knows that he is fighting a losing battle."

This recent video isn't the first time one of Rogers' video has gone viral. According to Western Journalism, the sergeant posted a similar video last spring in which he was critical of the Black Lives Matter campaign and the march in Baltimore. "More black people are killing black people through gang violence and abortions that anything else," he stated. "But you don't march about that. You don't post on Facebook about that. You don't be an activist about that."

President Obama called the Paris attacks
President Obama called the Paris attacks "an attack on all of humanity." [Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images]"If you're out there rioting," he continued. "You're out there breaking people's businesses that they worked hard to build, causing chaos in the streets, you're out there throwing rocks at police and destroying police cars, do you understand that you're actually doing more damage than good?"

Although Rogers subsequently deleted the post out of fear that he would be punished by the military, the video went viral as many black leaders condemned Rogers' viewpoint. Rogers has been relatively silent on the video front ever since, though his latest video about the Paris attacks is certain to draw another round of comments.

"We are at war. Whether you want to admit it; whether you want to believe it," Rogers stated in his recent video. "He is trying to come against us with fear. He is trying to come against us with division, that's why you've got ISIS and Black Lives Matter and racism and all this mess going on in the world."

In light of all that is going on in the world, Rogers does have a solution to fix all of these complicated issues? "The Bible says when you see these things happening look to the sky for your redemption draweth nigh," he shared. "There is nothing bigger and badder than the power of Christ. There is nothing bigger and badder than the Word of God."

Paris lit the Eiffel Tower in red, white and blue to honor the victims of the Paris attacks. [Photo By Christopher Furlong/Getty Images]
Paris lit the Eiffel Tower in red, white and blue to honor the victims of the attacks. [Photo By Christopher Furlong/Getty Images]Meanwhile, new developments continue to unfold in regards to the Paris terrorist attacks. According to a report by CNN, police officers have raided a location in Paris that is thought to contain suspects. In the raid, several Parisian officers were injured, along with several terrorist suspects, as they exchanged gunfire in the suburb of Saint Denis.

At the same time, two airliners en route to Paris from the U.S. have been diverted to Nova Scotia after bomb threats were reported. "Several law enforcement agencies are working to determine the nature of the threats which caused the aircraft to divert," Todd Palmer, a Special Agent with the FBI, told the outlet.

With details continuing to flood in, it is not clear whether or not the bomb threat was real. Whatever the case, officials are taking every necessary precaution to ensure the safety of travelers in light of the tragic events in Paris.

At this point in time, Rogers has not addressed any of the recent developments in the Paris attacks nor has he taken down his latest video. As the events continue to unfold in France, it will be interesting to see how the world reacts to Rogers' latest comments.

Check out his video below.


[Photo By Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images]