‘Halo 5’ Big Team Battles Arrive With Update, Warzone Tweaks And Aiming Issues Included

A Halo favorite multiplayer mode finally arrived with the Battle ofShadow and Light update released to Halo 5: Guardians on Wednesday. Big Team Battle has arrived, along with a number of tweaks fixes to the Xbox One shooter for Warzone, aiming issues, plus more.

The Shadow and Light update marks the first of several free content releases for Halo 5. As previously covered by Inquisitr, 343 Industries is providing all DLC releases and updates for free to keep the player base from splintering across paid DLC packs. The microtransactions associated with the new REQ Packs is how post-release content will be funded for the game.

There are two big additions with the Halo 5 Shadow and Light update. First is the return of Big Team Battle. The second, is the addition of 48 new REQ, including armor, helmets, weapons skins, weapon and vehicle variants, a new visor, new emblems, and a brutal new assassination.

Big Team Battle is now part of the Arena matchmaking in Halo 5 and includes Capture the Flag (3 captures to win), Strongholds (150 points to win), and Slayer (100 points to win) gametypes. Four Forge created maps based on classic Halo Big Team Battle maps are being used to support the mode to begin with. The Basin, Deadlock, Guillotine, and Recurve maps were created as part of a collaboration between some of the top Forge map makers and the 343 Industries Multiplayer Team.

One detail of note with Big Team Battle is the motion tracker in the mode has the same 25m range that is used in Warzone. This is a larger range than is used in any of the other game modes in the Arena multiplayer bucket. Additionally, match length will be 16 minutes.

The Warzone Assault mode also received some tweaks following 343 Industries observing that the assaulting team was losing significantly more than winning. Defenders enjoyed significant advantages in the Halo 5 multiplayer mode due to the time it took to capture a base plus the ability to spam grenades to keep attackers out of a building. Leveling was also an issue, as the assaulting team was unable to bring in power weapons and vehicles sooner.

To give the assaulting team more of a fighting chance, the base capture time has been decreased from 20 seconds to 16 seconds, and all players will start with only one grenade. Meanwhile, the big change will be an increase in the leveling speed during Warzone Assault. 343 Industries tweaked it so that every kill will reward some experience to all teammates.

“This will allow teams to level up a bit more uniformly than they do in regular Warzone. At the same time, this allows players who may not often reach the higher levels an opportunity to call in their most powerful REQs,” Halo 5 Warzone developers Lawrence Metten and Evan Sforza explained.

Finally, an issue with aiming in Halo 5 has been fixed. 343 Industries identified a “variance in controller hardware” that resulted in players not being able to turn quickly. The fix for the bug was delivered as part of the update and Halo 5 Sandbox team members Chris King and Scott Sims describe the fix as something that “introduces no perceivable change to the current feel of the game.”

A handful of other small fixes were also included in the Halo 5 Shadow and Light update.

  • Added the “deliver” nav point for vehicle drivers who have a friendly flag carrier as a passenger.
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to use the driver and gunner seats while holding the flag. Now, the flag carrier can only sit in the passenger seat.
  • Improved Post-Game-Carnage-Report consistency.

What is your impressions on the addition of Big Team Battle to Halo 5? Sound off in the comments below.

[Image via Halo Waypoint]