'The Bachelor' 2016 Spoilers And Speculation: Ben Higgins' Final Rose Recipient A Foregone Conclusion?

ABC's The Bachelor 2016 season with Ben Higgins doesn't premiere until January, but the final rose ceremony is happening now and fans are dying for spoilers. Does Ben find love in Season 20? Reality Steve's spoilers are breaking down the latest, and it sounds like viewers will have quite the journey ahead this winter.

According to Reality Steve's spoilers, Ben Higgins' final rose ceremony is on the brink of taking place. Steve's Bachelor spoilers have been saying for some time now that November 18 would be the final day of filming, and so far he has stuck with that. He has previously indicated that Caila Quinn, Joelle "JoJo" Fletcher, and Lauren Bushnell are Higgins' final three for Season 20.

There has been a significant amount of buzz over on the Bach and Bachette Fan Forum that Steve's filming schedule may be slightly off, though nothing has been confirmed. As the Bachelor spoiler fans there have followed filming, they feel that they have pinned down that the final rose ceremony may have taken place a few days ago. Even if that is the case, it doesn't appear that any spoilers about Higgins' final rose have surfaced as of yet.

For quite some time now, Reality Steve's spoilers have indicated that a clear frontrunner for Ben Higgins' final rose has been pretty apparent. He says that Ben really fell for Lauren earlier during filming, and that the last he heard, she was definitely the one most likely to get Ben's final rose and surely a proposal at this final rose ceremony. However, there is no confirmation as of yet that things are playing out exactly this way.

In all likelihood, one of the other ladies who got a hometown date will get the chance to be the Bachelorette 2016 lead, though there is always the possibility that producers will go a bit outside the final four or even come up with an entirely different possibility. Amanda Stanton is said to have been eliminated after the overnight dates, and with two young daughters at home, she doesn't necessarily seem like a frontrunner for the spring Bachelorette season.

Reality Steve's spoilers have teased for a while now that JoJo may well be one to watch for this Bachelorette spot, and that may seem even more likely considering some of Steve's latest Bachelor spoilers regarding Caila. However, a final decision on this front will not be made until February at the earliest, or even early March.

So far, Reality Steve's Bachelor spoilers have not revealed anything particularly dramatic or unusual about Ben's season. Of course, there will surely be plenty of girl drama ahead, but it sounds as if viewers may actually get a true love story in Season 20, as well. Will there be a big shake-up in these last few dates that lead to a shocking final rose? Nobody is counting anything out quite yet.

While Reality Steve's spoilers will surely reveal Ben Higgins' final rose recipient very soon, there will be plenty who doubt what he shares. After a couple of miscues in recent seasons, everybody will be speculating about the possibility that Steve's Bachelor spoilers regarding Higgins' final rose are incorrect.

It will certainly be interesting to see how the show edits this coming season, if indeed Ben really fell hard for Lauren mid-season and never wavered. More details Bachelor spoilers will be emerging very soon with filming wrapping, and everybody will be curious to see just what Reality Steve's spoilers detail. Will he nail the scoop regarding Ben Higgins' final rose for ABC's The Bachelor 2016 season?

[Image via Us Magazine/Twitter]