Raquel ‘Rocky’ Dakota Says She And Eddie Lucas Texted Prior To ‘Below Deck’ Airing And That Emile Kotze Did Visit Her In California

According to Raquel “Rocky” Dakota, she had contact with both Eddie Lucas and Emile Kotze after filming for the third season of Below Deck ended. Rocky claims that she and Eddie exchanged texts with one another prior to the season airing. She also claims that Emile did visit her in California as he said he would.

A Bravo TV blog post, posted on Tuesday night after the season finale aired, revealed what some of the cast members have been up to since filming ended. Surprisingly, considering that the season showed Rocky having drama with much of the cast, Rocky wrote that she has remained friendly with most of them. She said that since filming ended, she has kept in touch with David Bradberry, Amy Johnson, Connie Arias, Leon Walker, and Captain Lee Rosbach.

“Dave has become a really good friend, I just love his energy. Amy Jo and I linked up for dinner in Fort Lauderdale and she let me stay at her cute little apartment… Connie constantly calls me all the time for wave forecasts and bikini tips… Whenever I’m in Florida, I go over to Capt. Lee’s house and cook him and his wife a beautiful dinner. Leon and I still keep in touch, and I am happy to say that he’s kicking ass as an executive chef on one of the world’s biggest and best yachts.”

After Captain Lee, Kate Chastain and Amy called Rocky out for lying, Rocky later admitted that she was just joking about cooking for Captain Lee and Connie calling her.

At least with Kate, Rocky didn’t joke that they’re closer than they are. Rocky admitted in the blog post that while they’re not friends at the moment, they may become friends next charter season. Rocky pointed out that Kate and Amy had a lot of drama with one another on Season 2, but now they’re close friends.

“And who knows maybe Kate and I will be best friends next charter season…look at her and Amy! #teameros.”

Yet Kate may not be open to a friendship with Rocky, especially since Rocky posted a photo of Kate that seems to liken her appearance to that of an alien. Was Rocky just joking about possibly being friends with Kate next season too?

Rocky also claimed that Emile came out to California to visit her and that she loved showing him around Los Angeles.

“I’m still friends with Emile, and if you were wondering, he did actually come out to California to visit me; I loved showing him around LA.”

As the season finale aired, Kate Chastain tweeted that Emile Kotze never did end up visiting Raquel “Rocky” Dakota in California. Rocky issued a swift denial.

Emile retweeted Kate’s tweet stating that he never visited Rocky and added a question. Perhaps Rocky was just joking about Emile visiting her too?

In the blog post, Rocky also claimed that she and Eddie texted one another before the season aired and that he does actually really love her.

“Eddie and I were texting a bit before the show aired, he actually really loves me!”

Rocky did not explain what she and Eddie were texting about. Did Eddie apologize again to Rocky for how he treated her during filming? Could he have been texting her to try to get back with her, as Rocky’s statement that he does love her suggests? Or perhaps he was texting her because he wanted her help in not making him look bad as the season aired? Was Rocky just being sarcastic again?

As the finale episode aired, Rocky tweeted that Eddie is full of it, something that viewers will see for themselves on the reunion show.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Below Deck Season 3 cast filmed the reunion show in Miami two weekends ago.

On the season finale episode, Eddie became very angry when Amy Johnson told him that Rocky told people that they had sex with one another multiple times. Eddie marched off to Rocky’s room to confront her, but the door was locked. As Eddie yelled at her to open the door, Rocky hid under her sheets and said that she doesn’t want to see him. Eddie then got a pair of scissors to jimmy the lock. Once inside, he yelled at Rocky for lying to people about them having sex. Eddie declared to everyone watching that he and Rocky did not have sex. Emile Kotze said in an interview that Eddie is a coward for denying the truth.

Eddie must have realized that it was futile for him to continue denying what happened since he later apologized to Rocky during the group’s celebratory beach party. They hugged one another and agreed to move forward as friends. Eddie then announced to the group that he and Rocky did have sex. Rocky confirmed his confession and gleefully added that the sex was amazing. Captain Lee told Eddie that he’s disappointed in him.

At the end of the finale episode, Eddie Lucas said that he made a mistake and that he’s not looking forward to facing his girlfriend back home. Is Eddie still with his girlfriend or did they break up because of what he did with Raquel “Rocky” Dakota? The answer to that question will likely be answered on the two-part Below Deck reunion show that starts next Tuesday.

[Image via Bravo TV on Twitter]