How One Macy’s Black Friday Experience Brought Years Of Joy To Two Sisters

If you are one of the freaky Black Friday lovers (as am I), you are likely gearing up for the exciting shopping day by pouring over Black Friday ads, both leaked and officially released, and planning your strategy for the day. TMJ4 has a detailed list of many Black Friday store ads and information on their website. Some of us plan every detail of our Black Friday fest, penciling in time for lunch and the ever-dreaded bathroom breaks, while others fly by the seat of their pants and go where their “shopping sense” takes them.

I am somewhere in between. I like to study the ads over and over again during the week before Black Friday. For me, it’s part of the fun and lengthens the Black Friday super sales excitement. When our children were little, Black Friday shopping was a tradition I shared with my sister, Misty. Yes, it was about finding Christmas presents for our kids at a greatly reduced price, but more importantly, it was a day set aside for sister time away from the kids. I’ll never forget our very first Black Friday experience, which took place at Macy’s Department Store at our local mall. According to Fox 46, the Macy’s ad has already been released for this year.

Our Black Friday experience was all planned out. We would start at Macy’s and work our way around the mall. Thanksgiving night, after the feast was eaten, the delicious food put away, and the kids bathed and in bed, we put our heads together one more time over the Black Friday ads. It was probably ten o’clock by then, but we were super pumped to set our alarms to get up at four the next morning, a mere six hours away. This was years before stores began the ridiculous practice of opening on Thanksgiving.

Of course, the thrill of finding Black Friday deals was somewhat less present when said alarm sounded in what felt like the middle of the night. Nevertheless, we bravely set out on our Black Friday adventure, stopping for the largest coffee and hot chocolate we could find to keep us warm while we waited in the very long, very cold line outside of Macy’s.

As we stood together in a line that wrapped all the way down the building and around the corner, still an hour before Macy’s even opened, we wondered at what insanity gripped us to delude us into thinking that this Black Friday craziness would be at all fun. The cold wind bit through the fabric of our warm coats, fuzzy gloves, and trendy hats. Our once steaming beverages cooled down so quickly, they were absolutely no help at all. We stood close together, too mature to completely cuddle as we had when we were children, but too cold to move apart.

Just when the misery was reaching a crescendo, the line started to move! Suddenly, all the excitement of the past week returned double fold. We were actually moving into Macy’s, and our very first Black Friday treasure hunt!

That day started a wonderful annual tradition that lasted for years. Sometimes friends and our younger sister would join us, but when I look back on those memories, all I remember is how Macy’s Black Friday shopping strengthened an already strong bond between my sister and me.

Do you have a favorite Black Friday experience? Share your memories here.

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