Taylor Swift Makes Life Confusing For Male Photographer With Exact Same Name: Taylor A. Swift

Taylor Swift is known all over the world for her fantastic music and her inspiring performances. But recently, her name has had some other, more unusual associations. One of these is a 30-year-old photographer named Taylor Adam Swift. The Huffington Post Australia reports Swift talked about his name association with the musician Taylor Swift, which started with the release of her first album in 2006, in a recent interview with KOMO News 4 in Seattle.

“I was kinda like, OK, I should look into this. So I started researching, I was like, OK, so she does country music, that’s great. She writes her own music, that’s awesome! She seems like a great person.”

But since those early days of the success of the singer Taylor Swift, photographer Swift has had her fan mail accidentally delivered to him, and any references to his photography on Google are buried under references to Taylor Swift the musician. It’s also difficult for him to tell people his name.

“There’s that moment when they’re like, wait, your name’s actually Taylor Swift? Your real… your whole… your name’s Taylor Swift.”

At least Swift has his own Twitter account and included his middle name to be sure to avoid confusion.

Although, that doesn’t stop him from quoting the “other” Taylor Swift, even on his Twitter account.

And as one fan commented on Instagram, both Taylor Swifts have the same middle initial: “A” (Alison/Adam).

Sharing your name with another person is one thing, but what about having an artificial intelligence that speaks through the use of your song lyrics? In this case, Taylor Swift, or at least her songs, are the voice of new AI. Samim Winiger experiments with artificial intelligence and has made use of some new code developed at the University of Toronto. The code creates “neural-storytellers” and it has allowed Winiger to design a computer brain that recognizes images and describe them using Taylor Swift songs.

The software behind the AI generates mini stories about the images that are shown on the screen using Taylor Swift lyrics and music. Fusion reports that Winiger wrote in a recent blog post how these types of experiments are helping people generate stories related to images.

“New machine-learning experiments are enabling us to generate stories based on the content of images.”

Naturally, Taylor Swift needs neither of these associations to get her name out there. Her talent has accomplished that, and we know she makes a lot of money. On the recent Forbes list for the highest-earning women in music, Taylor Swift was reported to have made $80 million in the past 12 months.

With all that money, surely she could make a dent in the national debt of the U.S., right? Wrong. PolitiFact reports that even though Taylor Swift is generous when it comes to her fans, she couldn’t pay off the national debt if she wanted to. The question was asked by the Republican Party of Florida.

Apparently, according to the Heritage Foundation think tank, she couldn’t do it without working every day for at least three years.

“How many concerts would Taylor Swift have to perform to pay off one day of interest on our national debt? She would have to perform every day for three years.”

It’s a good thing Taylor Swift isn’t responsible for paying the national debt. Otherwise, she’s working herself to death before she reached her goal. And besides, she has had to settle out of court a legal disagreement she had with Blue Sphere clothing, which accused her of copyright infringement. BBC News reports Swift has said her lucky number is 13. The settlement she made with the U.S. clothing company is undisclosed.

[Image via Tinseltown/Shutterstock]