'The Walking Dead' Spoilers: Leaked Video Shows Negan Swinging At Daryl Dixon Next To Glenn?

Based upon the latest The Walking Dead spoilers, Daryl Dixon's death seems inevitable. Shortly after Jeffrey Dean Morgan was cast in the show, a new leaked video apparently shows the villain Negan swinging Lucille at someone kneeling next to Glenn Rhee. Many fans think this person looks like Daryl, which would be quite an ending for the Walking Dead finale for Season 6. Since the leaked TWD video is so blurry, some fans also believe it's possible that Carl Grimes will lose his eye to Negan.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, at the end of the last The Walking Dead episode, a voice was heard over the radio, and many fans thought it might be evidence that Glenn is alive. From an artistic perspective, this idea did make a lot of sense, since the first time we met Glenn in TWD, he was just a voice on a radio. Symbolically, shortly after Glenn's death scene beside the dumpster, Rick Grimes attempted to radio Glenn and received only static.

The Walking Dead spoilers
Steven Yeun (Image via FX)

Surprisingly, Norman Reedus was quick to shoot down this particular The Walking Dead spoiler.

"I will say that voice is not Glenn," said Reedus. "It's not Glenn. But it's probably somebody at Alexandria with all we know that's happening there."

AMC has been well known to apply misdirection, and the actors will also give fake TWD spoilers. Some fans think it's obvious the voice on the radio is the people who just stole Daryl's motorcycle and crossbow, while others point out that these guys were not carrying walkie-talkies.

Negan's Bat Is Coming For Someone

When it comes to The Walking Dead spoilers, the new leaked video certainly has everyone speculating. While the video clearly shows Jeffrey Dean Morgan swinging Lucille -- a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire -- the target of his wrath is very blurry.

Still, some fans have managed to scrutinize different copies of the leaked TWD video, and they believe Glenn is not the target.

"After a very careful examination of the footage. You can clearly see the side of Glenn's face as he is no doubt kneeling. Pause at 0:14. However, Negan is NOT hitting Glenn for two reasons. 1. Glenn's head is HUGE by comparison to Negan, which means Glenn is closer to the camera than Negan is. 2. At 0:11 seconds, Negan swung his bat down and it didn't effect Glenn, meaning there is someone to the left of Glenn who got hit on the head. This leaves either Daryl or Morgan as the only two to get Lucilled. Daryl for shock value and Morgan for story."
Other fans seem certain that Daryl Dixon's death scene is being depicted. If you eyeball the video until your eyes tear up, you can supposedly see Daryl's black leather jacket and side view of his head. It's uncertain if Daryl is the the one getting hit, or there might another person kneeling beside him.

Other fans are not so quick to let Glenn off the hook. After all, Glenn dies in the comics when Negan bashes his head in with Lucille.

The leaked video may be showing Negan hitting a camera next to Glenn, but that's how they also filmed Gareth's death scene last season when Rick used the machete.

The other possibility is that Carl Grimes' eye is knocked out with one of these swings by Negan, which would switch things up a little. In the comic version, Carl loses his eye and part of his face during an accidental shooting which occurs before the fateful confrontation with Negan.

Although losing the eye to Negan would be interesting, the comic version of events may have more credibility given the recent teasing by The Walking Dead's Twitter account.

While Carl has not been seen by anyone in the leaked video, other The Walking Dead spoilers have noted that Carl has been spotted on set wearing head bandages. The damage to Carl's head is unlikely to be as graphic as the comic version, since that would balloon the special effects budget, but, similar to the Governor, Carl will likely be sporting an eye patch in future seasons.

What do you think about these The Walking Dead spoilers? Do you think Negan will kill Glenn, Daryl Dixon, or someone else?

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