Obama’s College Professor Calling For His Defeat in November [video]

obama professor roberto unger video

One of Barack Obama’s Harvard professors released a “scathing” video calling for the defeat of the president in November. Scholar and politician Roberto Unger created a video to share his anti-Obama message with the world. Although Obama’s former college professor is no longer a supporter of the man who professed to be a champion of hope and change, the online video “serves as an indictment of both parties,” according to Fox News.

Apparently Professor Unger believes that President Obama has “abandoned America’s workers” and pushed for a policy of “food stamps,” according to his statements in the video. Unger called for a Barack Obama defeat in November so the Democratic Party could “restore itself as a vehicle for the progressive alternative” in the United States.

Unger’s Video, “Beyond Obama” is going viral on You Tube. During the eight-minute video the Harvard scholar emphatically claims that the president has failed to “advance the progressive cause and has spent “trillions of dollars” to rescue “moneyed interests” while leaving workers and homeowners to their own devices. Unger also claims that Obama engaged in health care reform at the expense of economic recovery and the president reduced justice to charity.

While attending Harvard Barack Obama took two of Unger’s classes, “Reinventing Democracy” and Jurisprudence as noted in “The Bridge: The Life and Rise of Barack Obama,” by David Remnick. The student and the professor kept in touch via BlackBerry at least into the first presidential campaign, Remnick states in the book. The author also claims that Unger tld him he kept his distance from candidate Obama publiclly so his “leftist leanings” did not harm his chances to get elected.