Multiple Police Officers Shot During Paris Terror Attack Suspect Raid, Video Of Raid Surfaces [Breaking]

Witnesses in a Paris suburb say that multiple police officers were shot during a raid seeking one of the Paris terror attack suspects. The witnesses reported heavy gunfire in Saint-Denis, a northern suburb of Paris, after which police began blocking roads. Police confirmed to reporters that a raid for one of the Paris attack suspects was taking place at the time of the alleged altercation, but did not go into any further detail. However, video of the alleged raid has surfaced online.

Though the police are not confirming the reports, video from the raid has surfaced on Youtube in which heavy gunfire can be heard. The video was allegedly taken in Saint-Denis, a suburb of Paris and directly north of the Stade de France terror attack locations.

CNN reports that multiple police officers may have been injured during a raid for a Paris terrorist suspect. Witnesses in Saint-Denis say that heavy gunfire was heard during a raid. The witnesses claim that multiple police officers were shot and injured during the raid but did not have any additional details. However, as the video above shows, heavy gunfire could be heard in the area during the time of the raid.

The French police confirmed that a terrorist suspect raid was underway in the area but would not comment on the allegations of injured police officers and heavy gunfire in the area. Meanwhile, roads in Saint-Denis were blocked off as the raid continued. Numerous news stations, including Liberty News and Fox News, are also reporting on the gunfire and possibility of injured officers. Fox News 9 reports that authorities have confirmed that exchanges of gunfire did take place during the large raid and noted that SWAT teams were at the scene along with the police officials.

The French police tell reporters with Fox that an area around Place Jean Jaures in Saint-Denis has been blocked off due to the raid. However, the official did not say exactly what terrorist suspect the police were looking for in the raid.Meanwhile, Breaking 911 News is reporting that the local media confirms that the terrorist suspect is cornered and that multiple police officers were injured in the altercation. However, the French police have not confirmed these statements publicly. The Conservative Treehouse says a local reporter indicated that the firefight lasted for about 15 minutes before finally stopping.
"According to Le Parisien reporter Jean Gabriel Bontinck, the sound of gunfire started at around 4:30 am local time and lasted for approximately 15 minutes. On his Twitter, Bontinck assumed the shooting was part of an ongoing police raid."
Many unconfirmed reports indicate that the terror suspect that was the center of the raid was associated with the Stade de France stadium attack.In addition to the reports above, the Associated Press has released a number of photos from the Saint-Denis raid area, one of which was included in the header above that shows an armed officer with SWAT gear.

New reports are still coming in regarding the Paris terror attack police raid and it is unknown at this time if the suspect was taken into custody or killed. The Inquisitr will keep you updated as new information is made available.

[Image via AP Photo/Francois Mori]