Charlie Sheen’s Rep Responds As Bree Olson Shares Intimate Details

Charlie Sheen’s reps are fighting back at one of his “ex-goddesses.” On Tuesday morning, Bree Olson went on The Howard Stern show to slam Charlie Sheen for not revealing his HIV-positive diagnosis to her while she was one of his live-in goddesses in 2011.

But now, Charlie Sheen’s reps are fighting back at Bree Olson, 29. According to the actor’s manager Mark Burg, there’s a reason why Sheen, 50, didn’t indulge that information. Although Sheen told Matt Lauer this morning on the Today show that he’s carried the disease for four years, he was not affected around that time. In an exclusive interview with People magazine, Sheen’s manager said there was no reason for him to contact the former Penthouse pet since he didn’t contract the virus well after their relationship ended.

“Bree Olson is all over Howard Stern but the truth is she wasn’t in Charlie’s life when he was HIV-positive and there was no reason to telling her anything.”

Bree Olson, whose real name is Rachel Oberlin, lived with Charlie in the early part of 2011. At the time of his unique living arrangements with both Bree and marijuana model Natalie Kenly. Charlie’s manager says that the former Two and a Half Men star was indeed tested for HIV around the time of their relationship. Burg added, “His (diagnosis) was long after he fired Bree Olson from the [Violent Torpedo of Truth] tour.”

During her interview with Howard Stern, Olson let it all out when it came to revealing the intimate details of their relationship. When the shock jock asked her reaction when she learned that Sheen was HIV-positive. Since Olson admitted that they used lambskin condoms every time they had sex, it was clear that she was distraught over the news.

“Right along with everyone else. Three days ago, I started getting calls – it was right when everything happened in Paris. Fox and everyone else started getting at me in emails, and even I wanted to blow it off [thinking], ‘Oh, this is just another Charlie thing.’ He never said anything to me. I was his girlfriend. I lived with him. We were together. We had sex almost every day for a year – with lambskin condoms.”

According to The Daily Beast, lambskin condoms do not prevent the transmission of HIV. They only prevent pregnancy, which explains Bree’s shocked reaction. She told Howard that using lambskin condoms was Charlie’s idea.

That explains the former adult films star’s confusing reaction on Twitter on Monday, November 16. She took to the social media site after the news of Charlie Sheen’s HIV diagnosis spread on media sites. In a lengthy post, Olson told her fans that the reports about Sheen’s HIV diagnosis are “nothing more than rumors.” She went on to claim that she has been tested for HIV, which “have come back clean” every time.

But then the former Playboy cover girl took to Twitter again to tell her fans that she’s getting another HIV test done. And this time, she was recording it on her phone as proof.

Recorded myself for half an hour being tested for HIV and getting the results. This is so stressful.

— Bree Olson (@BreeOlson) November 16, 2015

On Tuesday morning, Stern read her HIV test and said, “no HIV antibodies were detected.”

Olson added with a sigh of relief, “I am negative for HIV.”

Bree Olson then appeared on Inside Edition. She recalled the time they were together and said the actor claimed he was both STD and HIV-free during their time together.

“He used this word: ‘I’m clean. I’m clean’…but I believed him. He is a monster, and he put my life in jeopardy along with hundreds – or potentially thousands – of other women’s lives.”

During his Today show appearance, Sheen said that his infamous “tiger blood” time was due to “roid rage.” Olson says that he was with her during the “tiger blood” era. She also remembers when Sheen would wake up with night sweats and said he needed steroids to rid of the symptoms.

During Charlie Sheen’s own interview on the Today show this morning, he revealed to Matt Lauer that the reason why he came out about his HIV diagnosis was because he was he was forced to pay millions in “extortions” in light of his health diagnosis. Bree is not the not the only adult film star who’s been involved with Charlie, and she is certainly not the last. According to Celebricity, Taylor Tilden was one of the many women who received “millions” of dollars from Charlie, in hopes that she wouldn’t expose his private medical information.

Now TMZ claims that six more sexual partners will sue Charlie Sheen in the near future. They have already enlisted the help of lawyers to sue the Anger Management star for emotional distress, fraud, and sexual battery, according to the report. It won’t stop there. There are more women planning to sue Sheen soon.

One an inside source claims that the bad boy has slept with at least “200 partners,” so there’s a chance that the number of women will either sue or plan to sue is expected to grow.

As for Charlie’s other “ex-goddess” Natalie Kenly she has nothing but kind words to say about her ex-boyfriend. She doesn’t think that he’s a monster at all.

“He is not a monster. He has a regard for human beings and cares about people. I do not see him knowingly putting women at risk.”

While Sheen has claimed that many women have tried to “shakedown” and “extort” him because of his HIV status, Olson says that she’s always remained a faithful ex and never sold any of their stories. Olson even turned down a $200,000 offer for a sit-down interview about Sheen following their split. In fact, she’s been busy encouraging young women to avoid getting into the adult entertainment industry.

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