Texas Campsite Massacre: Neighbor Arrested In Horrifying Campsite Murder, Six People Dead Including 6-Year-Old Child

Six people were found dead after a horrifying campsite massacre in Texas. Seven friends were camping on newly purchased property in a travel trailer when a neighbor to the campsite, William Hudson, allegedly killed six of the campers, including a 6-year-old little boy. One of the campers survived the horrifying attack and was able to call police for help. However, upon arrival, the police noted a “shocking” murder scene and no other survivors.

The Daily Mail reports that 33-year-old William Hudson is being held on a $2.5 million bond after being arrested in connection with the grisly Texas campsite murder. The police noted that the scene was “shocking” and the largest their department had ever seen. Hudson had been arrested within the past few weeks for another incident of violence, however, the police say it was not of “this nature.”

“We handled him for assault within the last few weeks. He was violent, but it wasn’t of this nature.”

The police say they currently do not have a motive for the killing and that Hudson is not cooperating with police at this time. It was reported that Hudson was not a family member of any of the deceased campers and did not know any of them prior to the horrifying murder. However, it was noted that Hudson was a neighbor to the camping property that was recently purchased by two of the campers. The property was located in Texas between Harmony and Tennessee Colony. The grisly murder took place in the early morning hours of Sunday before police were called to the scene by the sole survivor of the campsite massacre.

It was reported that three of the victims were identified as 77-year-old Carl Johnson, his daughter Hannah Johnson, and her boyfriend, Thomas Kamp. Johnson and her boyfriend had recently purchased the property where the families were camping when the horrifying murder unfolded. Kamp’s two oldest sons were also killed in the tragic murder along with Hannah Johnson’s 6-year-old son, Kade Johnson.

Carl’s wife, Cynthia Johnson, was also camping with the group when Hudson allegedly began his murderous rampage. However, Cynthia was able to hide during the attack and called police to the property following the massacre. Neighbors in the area also reported hearing screams and gunshots coming from the property at the time of the murder, but police have not released the details of how each victim died. They did note that there was a “possibility” of a shooting, but that drowning was also on the table.

Police note that Carl and Hannah’s bodies were found in the trailer, while the bodies of Kamp and the other three victims were found in a pond on the suspect’s property. The police are currently holding William Hudson on one count of murder, but note that additional charges will likely be filed following the investigation. Police say they are currently investigating the campsite property that the families were staying on when they were attacked along with property owned by Hudson and his mother, which includes 50 acres and the Hudson home.

It was reported that the Texas Rangers and the Palestine Police Department are assisting the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office with the investigation and that more information will be released as it becomes available. The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office says they spoke with the sole survivor, Cynthia Johnson, who was able to provide details about the attack but will wait for the official autopsy report to release the cause of death for each victim.

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