‘Destiny’ Iron Banner 13.0: What You Need To Know For November’s Event

The 13th Iron Banner hit Destiny on Tuesday following the release of the 2.0.2 update to the PlayStation and Xbox shooter. Bungie is adding some significant changes to the monthly multiplayer event for November following complaints about rewards from October’s event. This includes not only a fix to the glitch that caused the event rewards to be lacking but also a boost to rewards along with trying out a different game type.

When Does It Run?

This Iron Banner event started Tuesday, November 17, at the Destiny weekly reset, which usually occurs at 5 a.m. ET / 2 a.m. PT.

Does Gear And Level Still Matter?

Yes. Bungie Senior Designer Derek Carroll provided an overview of how power levels in Iron Banner have changed with the introduction of the new Light level system implemented with Destiny 2.0. Essentially, a difference in 10 levels of light represents approximately a 2 percent difference in damage. Another way of looking at it is if you are at a 280 Light level facing off against someone at a 300 Light level, you will be at a 4 percent damage disadvantage.

The approximately 2 percent damage drop in every 10 levels of light continues until a 50 light level difference represents a 10 percent difference in damage. It then gets slightly steeper to a 2.6 percent damage drop per Light level over the next 100 Light levels. We reach a light level difference. The power curve then goes into free fall at this point with every 10 levels representing a 10 percent power difference.

Destiny Iron Banner Power Level Differences (PlayStation, Xbox) The power level curves for Iron Banner. The red curve is for Destiny: The Taken King. Each “Level Delta” across the top represents a 10 level difference. [Image via Bungie]In short, you will probably stay competitive within 20 light levels of a player you are facing and can still do damage up to a 50 light level difference. After that, you are probably looking at getting stomped. Since most Destiny players are hovering around 300 Light right now, it’s probably a safe bet that 280 Light is probably the safest starting point, though 230 is listed as the minimum recommended Light level with a required level of 40.

Reward Boost

As the Inquisitr previously covered, Bungie is attempting to make Iron Banner more rewarding for players with the following changes in the 2.0.2 update released Tuesday.

  • Iron Banner reputation from winning matches increased by 20 percent.
  • Activity completion rewards increased at all ranks, with even more significant increases at Rank 2 and above.
  • Packages from Lord Saladin upon reaching Rank 3 and Rank 5.
  • Iron Banner Artifacts can be obtained from the Rank 3 package.
  • Iron Banner Ghost Shells can be obtained from the Rank 5 package or activity completion rewards.

What Modes And Maps Are Supported?

In a significant change, Iron Banner will use the team deathmatch mode, Clash, for this Iron Banner. This is the first time Bungie has used a mode other than Control for the event. The normal rotation of maps for The Taken King are used.

Is The Taken King Required?

Yes. The Iron Banner has a level 40 requirement to participate. The only way that can be achieved is with the purchase of Destiny: The Taken King.

Your Standing Has Been Reset?

Yes. All players start each Iron Banner event with their reputation at zero. You max out at level five.

Iron Banner Ranks

You start out at rank 0 and should be able to quickly reach rank 1 after the first win. The climb to the max rank is a bit steeper, but still obtainable thanks to all the buffs.

IB Rank Reputation Points Needed
1 100 rep points
2 1200 rep points
3 2400 rep points
4 2400 rep points
5 2400 rep points

Equip Your Iron Banner Items

If you still have the Iron Banner emblem, shader, and class item, go ahead and equip them. The Destiny Year One items still count. Each gives a 10 percent experience and reputation boost, and they do stack with each other for the possibility of a 33 percent total bonus. If you don’t have any Iron Banner items yet, purchase the Iron Pride emblem from Lord Saladin as soon as you reach rank one to begin earning bonus experience and reputation points.

Name Type Cost IB Rank
Iron Pride Emblem 1000 Glimmer 1
Million Million Armor Shader 1000 Glimmer 2
The Ironwood Tree Emblem 1000 Glimmer 5
Goldspiral Armor Shader 1000 Glimmer 5

The Tempered Buff

The Iron Banner Tempered Buff is now applied automatically to characters every day.

Here’s the progression that the Tempered Buff should follow, based on the last Iron Banner.

  • Tuesday: +10 percent
  • Wednesday: +15 percent
  • Thursday: +25 percent
  • Friday: +40 percent
  • Saturday: +60 percent
  • Sunday: +100 percent
  • Monday: +150 percent

Multi-Character Buff

Your second and third characters can receive a 100 percent reputation boost in addition to all the other buffs when playing Iron Banner. The buff is active as long as one or more of your characters are at least one Iron Banner rank ahead of the character being played.

For example, if you get one character up to level 3, your second and third character will be able to reach the same level in approximately half the time. This is especially true when combined with all of the other buffs.

Iron Banner Weapons

Destiny Iron Banner Nirwen's Mercy (PlayStation, Xbox)

Iron Banner features Legendary weapons that start at a 280 attack level and can be Infused with more powerful weapons of the same type to higher levels. Lord Saladin is selling the Finnala’s Peril Hand Cannon along with the Bretomart’s Stand Machine Gun this week.

Note that you also have a chance to receive other Iron Banner weapons as end of match drops after you reach Iron Banner reputation rank two. This is expected to be the primary way of obtaining weapons going forward.

Name Type Perks Cost IB Rank
Finnala’s Peril Hand Cannon
  • Steadyhand IS / Fastdraw IS / Quickdraw IS
  • Relentless Tracker
  • Hand Loaded / Smallbore / Feather Mag / Third Eye
90 LM 4
Bretomart’s Stand Machine Gun
  • Accurized Ballistics / Smart Drift Control / Field Choke
  • Spray and Play
  • Fitted Stock / Hand-Laid Stock / Reinforced Barrel
  • Crowd Control
90 LM 5

“LM” is short for Legendary Marks.

Iron Banner Armor

Here is the armor that is being sold by Lord Saladin. Note that they all start with a Defense rating of 280. They can be Infused to higher levels, like the weapons, though.

You should not break down any of these armor items, as you will not receive Shards or any other additional material. Also, like the weapons, end of match drops are expected to be the primary way of obtaining armor going forward.

Destiny Iron Banner Hunter Iron Companion Vest (PlayStation, Xbox)
Destiny: The Hunter Iron Companion Vest from Iron Banner. [Image via Bungie]
Name Class Stats Perks Rank Cost
Iron Companion Plate Titan Intellect 41 /
Discipline 66
  • Auto Rifle Ammo / Shotgun Ammo
  • Void Recovery / Void Armor
3 40 LM
Iron Companion Vest Hunter Intellect 65 /
Discipline 69
  • Hand Cannon Ammo / Shotgun Ammo
  • Solar Recovery / Solar Armor
3 40 LM
Iron Companion Vestments Warlock Intellect 68 /
Discipline 62
  • Increase Intellect / Increase Discipline
  • Auto Rifle Ammo / Sniper Rifle Ammo
  • Arc Recovery / Arc Armour
3 40 LM
Iron Companion Gauntlets Titan Intellect 41 /
Strength 43
  • Rain Blows / Momentum Transfer
  • Sidearm Reloader
4 40 LM
Iron Companion Sleeves Hunter Intellect 43 /
Discipline 45
  • Fastball / Impact Reduction
  • Hand Cannon Reloader
4 40 LM
Iron Companion Gloves Warlock Intellect 45 /
Discipline 41
  • Increase Intellect / Increase Discipline
  • Snap Discharge / Momentum Transfer
  • Pulse Rifle Loader
4 40 LM


Iron Banner Bounties

Destiny Iron Banner Bounties (PlayStation, Xbox)

The daily bounties for Iron Banner have changed with the release of The Taken King. There are now three-week-long bounties along with three daily bounties that are available each day. The daily bounties come from a pool of nine to start with, so that should allow for a little more variation than in previous events.

Tip: Wait to turn in the Weekly bounties toward the end of the week to make the most of the Tempered Buff to boost your character up to level 5.

Remember that Crucible bounties can be completed in Iron Banner too. So, you’ll want to pick those up to advance your reputation with the different factions (as long as you’ve pledged allegiance) and gain additional experience.

Bounty Name Description IB Rep Experience Legendary Marks
Iron Gauntlet (Weekly) Impress Lord Saladin with extraordinary feats in the Iron Banner. Get 10 kill streaks, 5 double kills, the top overall score in a match, and reach Iron Banner Rank 4. +525 +5,000 +25
Iron Marathon (Weekly) Complete 13 Iron Banner matches and win 7. +525 +5,000 +25
Iron Versatility (Weekly) Defeat 50 Guardians with Primary Weapons, 25 with Special Weapons and 13 with Heavy Weapons. +525 +5,000 +25

Iron Medallions

You will receive an Iron Medallion for each match you lose in Iron Banner. You can carry up to five at a time in your inventory. These will be redeemed automatically after your next win for Iron Banner reputation.

If you still have Medallions left over after Iron Banner ends, hold on to them. They can still be redeemed when the next event rolls around.


Destiny Iron Banner Reforging (PlayStation, Xbox)

Lord Saladin no longer offers reforging services and you can no longer reforge weapons in Destiny, period.

Etheric Light

Etheric Light is no longer being sold by Lord Saladin.

Good Luck!

Do you have any Iron Banner tips you want to share? Please post them in the comments section below!

[Images via Bungie]