'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Bo And Hope Reel, Sami Battles, And Kayla Works To Protect Her Family

Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Tuesday's episode will be filled with drama. Sami has been kidnapped by the DiMeras due to her determination to dig into what happened with EJ. Viewers will see more on that front in this November 17 episode, and that isn't all. There is more ahead with Bo and Hope as well, though viewers know that there are heartbreaking moments coming on this front.

Viewers watched on Monday's episode as Kayla told Bo that he has an inoperable brain tumor. Due to the location of the tumor and what Bo has already been through, there are no treatment options. Bo had known that something was wrong, but this is still devastating news for him and his family. Bo and Kayla know the situation, but as Monday's episode ended, Bo was facing having to tell Hope.

According to We Love Soaps, viewers will see Bo with Hope on the November 17 show. Days of Our Lives spoiler previews have shown the two on a park bench talking about this news, but it seems that Bo may hesitate and initially try to shield Hope from the truth first. Unfortunately, whatever he first does or says leads Hope to get the wrong idea, perhaps letting her worry that he doesn't want to be with her.

While Bo will surely want to protect Hope from the news that he is dying, it seems the two will come together to work through this. Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that the two will make love on Wednesday's show, and it would appear that they will move forward as a couple for the time that remains. Though a final airdate for Peter Reckell's time back in Salem has not yet been released, it is rumored that he will depart within the next few weeks.

Also ahead on Tuesday's show, Kayla will discover that Steve's nemesis sent another note. Rather than leave it to Steve to handle the situation, she will decide to do something on her own. Just who is contacting Steve and causing trouble? Based on the explosive Days of Our Lives spoiler preview for what is coming up, it seems Ava is behind this drama. It would appear she may be coordinating this strange reconnection with Joey, though Joey may be a bit in the dark about who Ava really is and what her true motivations are.

As DOOL fans will remember, Ava Vitali, played by Tamara Braun, is quite unstable and has a long history of messing with Steve's life. She has been out of the picture for the past few years, but it looks like she is back and angling once again to pull Steve away from his family. While this will be a difficult situation, there has been buzz that it will eventually push Steve and Kayla back together to be stronger than ever.

There is more coming on Tuesday's show regarding Sami's situation, as well. Andre DiMera and his family are quite unhappy with all of the digging around Sami has been doing, so they kidnapped her. As She Knows Soaps details, Marlena will storm off to confront Stefano about the situation on Tuesday's show. It doesn't sound as if Marlena will make much headway on the situation, but Sami will be angling to help herself at the same time.

'Days of Our Lives' star Alison Sweeney
[Photo by Michael Buckner / Getty Images]Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that during Tuesday's show, Sami will offer up a deal to Andre. Will he bite on whatever it is she offers? The buzz is that she may offer to give back all of the DiMera money she got her hands on in exchange for finding out where EJ is. However, it doesn't sound as if Andre will let Sami off the hook this easily.

As the week continues, viewers will see more with Abigail, Ben, and Chad as well, and there are big things coming on that front. Is the show really about to kill off Bo Brady? Will Abigail and her baby survive Ben's evil plans? There are some rumors that big shifts could be ahead on that front, and fans will have to stay tuned for more Days of Our Lives spoilers regarding what comes next.

Abigail and Ben battle on 'Days of Our Lives'
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