‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers And Speculation: Is Bo Brady Facing Devastating News, Setting Stage For Heartbreak?

This has been a big month on Days of Our Lives, and fans were thrilled to see Bo and Hope finally reunited. Of course, it is not as if the two will magically be together again without a second thought after all they have been through, but viewers are thrilled to see this power couple back on television screens again. Unfortunately, new Days of Our Lives spoilers and rumors are setting the stage for major heartbreak on this front.

Bo rushed back to Salem to save Hope, as she married Aiden and then began to fall victim to Aiden’s evil plot to kill her. Though Hope was left unconscious, Bo managed to get to the mansion in time to save her and kill Aiden. Days of Our Lives spoilers for the upcoming episodes indicate that there are intense conversations and big moments ahead for Bo and Hope as they sort through all that has happened.

Could Bo and Hope reunite and give fans a happy ending regarding a renewed relationship? It has never been detailed how long Bo would stick around Salem in this return, but new Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that it may be for just a couple of months in total. Not only will Bo not be sticking around for long, there is talk that he will depart in a heartbreaking way.

According to the “Jason47’s Days Website” Facebook page, an article in an Australian magazine has spilled the beans on what lies ahead for Bo Brady. The article’s Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that Bo will soon be diagnosed with some kind of illness, and he will end up dying.

There are those who question these supposed Days of Our Lives spoilers in terms of why they’re popping up via an Australian magazine first. However, a copy of the article in question has made it to Twitter, and the details certainly sync up with what’s been happening and what fans have been hearing about the episodes ahead. If it is any solace for DOOL fans, at least it seems Bo and Hope will share some happy times before the tragic end comes.

Just what happens with Bo? As Celeb Dirty Laundry details, there are signs that something may be amiss with Bo’s health. Bo was held in captivity for some time, and he has been experiencing some fainting, fatigue, and dizziness.

From the sounds of things, Bo may soon learn that this is all tied to a bigger problem that cannot be resolved. Days of Our Lives spoilers have already revealed that Hope will soon learn why Bo has been gone for so long, and sadly, she may soon learn that he will have to bid a permanent farewell to his family.

While Hope had tried to move on with Aiden, she always struggled with the idea of letting go of Bo. As long as Bo remains out there, somewhere, this will surely be an issue not only for the character but for DOOL fans as well. As heartbreaking as it will be if indeed Bo Brady is killed off, it may set the stage for Hope to move on and truly find love again.

There has been buzz for quite some time now that a legacy character would be killed off in the midst of this 50th-anniversary celebration. The idea that Bo would come back just to die is not a brand-new theory. However, these latest Days of Our Lives spoilers are the most specific that fans have seen. Having this central Brady character die would certainly set the stage for a lot of drama in Salem.

Peter Reckell had talked ahead of his return about wanting to come back for long enough to wrap up his character’s storyline. Reckell shared via Yahoo! TV that Bo’s previous departure felt awkward, and he never felt as it if really worked.

The Days of Our Lives star has been interested in coming back at this point to give a fuller explanation of why Bo left. He also wanted to guide the audience toward the relationship change, which seemingly may be a permanent goodbye and true closure at last. The actor also talked a bit about how Bo and his daughter Ciara will spend a great deal of time together in this return.

In what may be a bit of a Days of Our Lives spoiler confirming the rumors of Reckell’s eventual departure via a Bo death, the actor noted that after the time Bo and Ciara spend together, she will be carrying the mantle of her father onward in future episodes. Bo Brady’s death, if that is indeed where this is all headed, will be tough for fans to watch and obviously will shake things up for Hope, Ciara, and all of the Bradys in Salem.

From the sounds of things, this may be happening fairly soon, and viewers will have to stay tuned for additional Days of Our Lives spoilers. Will Bo Brady really die so soon after reuniting with his “Fancy Face” after all this time?

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