RadioShack Black Friday Deals Will Start A Day Earlier Than Rival Best Buy

RadioShack’s Black Friday deals will start a day earlier than most other retailers, including Best Buy. To get a jump on competitors, the electronics chain will start its holiday shopping sales the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Best Buy will be offering deep-discount deals Thanksgiving night before Black Friday officially begins. The electronics behemoth will have early deals on Samsung 4K TV’s, Apple Watches, and various other popular items.

To get people in the door on Wednesday, RadioShack will feature about 100 deals and will stay open an hour longer than usual. They plan to be open 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Thanksgiving as well. Unlike Best Buy, you’ll be able to get some Black Friday deals before Thanksgiving dinner even starts.

As reported by USA Today, RadioShack’s Black Friday deals will include some big names. They struck a deal with Amazon to sell the six-inch Kindle Fire HD with a case. Additionally, early discounts will be available for products from companies like Apple, Bang & Olufsen, iON cameras, and SteelSeries.

RadioShack will be open late the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
Black Friday shopping will begin early at RadioShack stores.[Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images]

RadioShack’s Black Friday Comes With A New Image

RadioShack was once the “go-to” electronics store for DIY consumers. The company has been working hard to get that image back by continuing to stock items such as cables, antennas, and connectors.

Ron Garriques, RadioShack’s CEO, said, “We think the No. 1 driver for us is to be in stock with all of the things that people naturally go to RadioShack to buy.”

However, the electronics business is extremely competitive. Some industry analysts wonder if having the convenience of a neighborhood RadioShack is enough to bring consumers in. Unless they can offer compelling promotions and deep discounts for Black Friday, they will not stand out against rivals like Best Buy and Walmart.

RadioShack has had a tough few years. The once-outdated electronics store has been struggling to reconnect with consumers. The company even made fun of themselves in a Super Bowl ad that teased, “It’s time for a new RadioShack.”

RadioShack wants a new image for Black Friday.
RadioShack is struggling to re-invent itself. [Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

Strapped with $1 billion in debt and on the edge of going completely out of business, RadioShack filed for bankruptcy protection in February. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, the electronics giant closed or sold off more than half its 4,000 stores. The former consumer electronic juggernaut could no longer effectively compete against newer, more innovative retailers.

The chapter 11 plan was approved by the court in September, and consumers now have that new RadioShack. General Wireless, part of the hedge fund Standard General, took over ownership and management of the troubled retailer. Since then, RadioShack has gone through an extensive transformation.

The new owner assumed the leases of 1,733 locations while rebranding 1,400 Sprint mobile stores within RadioShack. To stand out this holiday season, General Wireless has invested money in order to modernize and simplify store design, and promises to keep shelves stocked with products during the Black Friday sale.

The company’s chief marketing officer, Michael Tatelman, believes the RadioShack concept does work and will not only keep loyal customers coming but bring in new ones as well.

“The RadioShack platform still works. We think that people are going to be delighted when they come in.”

Other Stores Will Be Open Before Black Friday

While RadioShack’s Black Friday deals will begin late Wednesday, other retailers will start the holiday shopping season on Thanksgiving.

Kmart, Big Lots, and Walgreens will also be open Thanksgiving morning, some as early as 6 a.m. Other retailers like Walmart, Goody’s, and Best Buy will open later in the afternoon.

Despite the potential loss of sales, many stores have opted not to be open on Thanksgiving. Popular stores like Sam’s Club, Nordstrom, GameStop, and Marshalls will be closed for the holiday.

With RadioShack starting its 2015 Black Friday sale on Wednesday, many consumers will get some of their holiday shopping done before other retailers like Best Buy even open.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]