WWE Proclamation: Keep Calm and Give WWE A Chance

When did wrestling become too serious? When did the Internet Wrestling Community (IWC) stop being wrestling fans? A lot of the fanbase is guilty of this, especially those who write about wrestling on a consistent basis.

Wrestling stopped being about just that, the wrestling. Sure, the ratings are hitting record-lows each week. Perhaps the WWE isn’t doing enough to keep everyone’s interest.

When the clock strikes 11:10 p.m. on Monday evening, everyone has something to complain about, including this writer most of the time.

Before any criticism continues, let’s dissect the most-common complaints about the WWE product.

  • The WWE isn’t pushing any young guys towards the main event.
  • Most of the storylines are re-hashed from the past-15 years.
  • WWE keeps bringing back part-time guys to fill big spots.
  • Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose are consistently buried.
  • Monday Night Raw is too long.
  • Not every pay-per-view feels special anymore.
  • The writing by the WWE Creative team feels lazy.
  • There’s no competition for WWE to come out of its complacency.

WWE Fans WWE fan reacting to Undertaker’s loss at ‘WrestleMania 30.’ [Image via WWE/YouTube]Like a logical group of WWE fans, every complaint needs to be looked at and confirmed as a true problem in the WWE.

The WWE is truly pushing the young guys toward the top. Each champion in the WWE, aside from Alberto Del Rio and the United States title, are young guys.

Before Seth Rollins’ injury, he was the flag-bearer for the entire company as the WWE World Heavyweight champion. The New Day is a two-time WWE Tag-Team champion. Kevin Owens currently holds the Intercontinental belt and shouldn’t lose it anytime soon. Charlotte defeated Nikki Bella for the Divas title nearly a month go.

All of those champions are new talent they are currently pushing toward the moon. Don’t forget about Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, too. Reigns just headlined WrestleMania 31.

WWE fans have a solid criticism about the storylines. They should include better stories that are written to give fans a choice of who to side with. That’s the beauty of a “heel vs. face” novel.

Brock Lesnar, Sting and the Undertaker are the only part-time guys to come back since WrestleMania 31. Sting only worked one match, and that was against Rollins for the WWE title.

The Undertaker isn’t hogging the spotlight, so there’s no true reason to find hate against the Phenom. Lesnar is the WWE’s biggest star, which can be traced all the way back to WWE Creative. There’s a reason why he’s the top guy and he’s only around three months out of the year, cumulatively.

Wyatt is working against the Undertaker. That’s the best burial of all-time if people see it that way. Ambrose is getting set up for a big heel turn against Reigns. All that man needs is patience from the fans.

Old School Raw Logo The WWE’s old school Raw logo. [Image via WWE/YouTube]Monday Night Raw is too long and here are last weeks’ ratings to prove it.

Hour one – 3,480,000 viewers
Hour two – 3,177.000 viewers
Hour three – 2,863,000 viewers
Average – 3,173,333 viewers

It’s like Triple H has said previously, writing for three hours of television is a challenge.

Pay-per-views are special, but it always comes back to the writing. Feuds are supposed to be built for a big climax at a pay-per-view. Whether that show is WrestleMania or TLC, feuds need climaxes. That is one thing missing from smaller shows. They can mean a little more.

The next criticism is logical in many ways. Undertaker and Kane shouldn’t wrestle two members of the Wyatt Family, hand-picked by Wyatt himself. That should’ve been a 4-on-4 Survivor Series Elimination Tag-Team match.

Unless the WWE has something up their sleeve, there’s no excuse that’s valid.

Lastly, the competition is a big issue in pro-wrestling. WWE is about to partner with WWN and Evolve. Ring of Honor isn’t getting the financial backing necessary and Impact Wrestling is well, Impact Wrestling.

Hopefully, Global Force Wrestling finds a niche and runs with it. Lucha Underground succeeded and they were granted a second season.

People don’t often think about this, but it was World Championship Wrestling that forced Vince McMahon to create the Attitude Era. Competition drives change. Without WCW, the WWE would likely be quite different today.

For those that ridicule the WWE on Twitter each Monday night, don’t fret. You’re not alone. A litany of the WWE Universe is with you.

Before anyone realizes it, something great will happen that will make the WWE fans forget about their criticisms and complaints.

Keep calm and give the WWE a chance.

[Image via WWE/YouTube]