Watch Charlie Sheen ‘Today’ Show Interview Live Online: Streaming Video For Sheen’s ‘Revealing’ Appearance

Viewers can watch the Charlie Sheen Today show interview live online and see if the actor discloses his HIV positive status, as multiple reports have indicated.

On Monday, news spread that Sheen has been living with HIV, the disease that causes AIDS, for close to nine years. Sources say Sheen is expected to disclose to Matt Lauer his HIV positive status, and will also talk about how the disease has affected his life.

NBC has not disclosed what the interview will entail, but said it would be “revealing.”

The Today show interview could touch on some of the rumors regarding Charlie Sheen’s alleged HIV status. In the hours after the revelation leaked on Monday, there were reports claiming that Sheen had known for some time about his status and that it was actually the cause of his famous 2011 public meltdown.

A source told Hollywood Life that Sheen’s bizarre behavior and meltdown about having “tiger blood” and “adonis DNA” was really a reaction to his coming to terms with the disease.

“Charlie has been HIV positive for a few years,” a source told the outlet about Sheen’s alleged HIV status. “When he went through his meltdown a few years ago with ‘tiger blood’ and ‘winning’ was when he found out.”

The report claims that this sheds more light on Sheen’s seemingly strange reference.

“The ‘tiger blood’ reference was when he found out and he said it and used it to prove his invincibility,” said the source. “He honestly didn’t accept the fact that he had it and was convincing himself in every way that he didn’t have it.”

Sources told Hollywood Life that Charlie Sheen began to spiral out of control after his HIV diagnosis, saying the news led to him destroying relationships with his ex-wives and with Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre.

Some in Hollywood are already talking about Sheen’s alleged HIV status. Noted public relations specialist Howard Bragman told People magazine that Sheen “is getting treatment, and a lot of people in his life know about it.”

Bragman, who specializes in crisis communications, said he was contacted to work with Sheen, though not by Sheen himself.

“I’ve known about this a long time, it’s not a surprise to me,” Bragman said. “I feel very sorry for his pain. And I hope it’s used as a teachable moment for the world. This is a disease that can affect anyone.”

After the high-profile incidents, Sheen has spent some time away from the spotlight after FX decided not to renew his show Anger Management in 2014. Later that year, he and adult film star Brett Rossi ended their engagement.

Viewers who watch Charlie Sheen’s Today show interview live online may also learn more about those close to Charlie Sheen. Reports indicate that he contracted HIV after his marriage with Denise Richards ended, and that the two have not had a physical relationship since then.

Sheen and Richards have two children together – Sam, 11; and Lola, 10. Sources told Access Hollywood that neither of them have contracted the disease.

If the news is true, then Charlie Sheen could become perhaps the biggest celebrity to be infected with HIV, at least outside of Magic Johnson. The Los Angeles Lakers legend has been living with HIV for more than 20 years.

Those who want to watch the Charlie Sheen interview live online can click here for streaming video of the Today show. NBC has not yet announced what time the interview will take place.

[Picture by Brad White/Getty Images]