6 Murdered At Texas Campsite: 6 People, Including Child, Found Dead In Pond At Texas Campsite

Six people were found murdered at a Texas campsite in Anderson County on Sunday. Police have a suspect in the case.

NBC News reports that the six people, including a child, were found dead at the Texas campsite were located in a pond in an area about 100 miles southeast of Dallas.

William Hudson, 33, is charged with one count of murder after the bodies were found at a campsite and in a pond, officials said Monday.

According to the report, sheriff’s deputies were dispatched Sunday morning after a report of a shooting happened, Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor said.

A trailer at the campsite contained the bodies of a dead man and woman. Four other people were at the Texas campsite, but their whereabouts were a mystery. Authorities found their bodies at 1:15 p.m. in a pond behind Hudson’s home.

It’s not immediately clear why deputies were led to Hudson after it was discovered that six people were murdered at the campsite. He was arrested on Sunday afternoon at a residence that sits on the same road as the campsite. Records indicate that the murder suspect is being held on $2.5 million bond.

CBS 19 reports that the victims were on private property in Anderson County. The six murdered people at the Texas campsite were members of two different families visiting from out of the area. They were staying in a travel trailer belonging to one of the victims. Five of the killed people were male and one was a female. The report reveals that there’s one female survivor.

Three of the six murdered victims from the campsite are identified as Carl Johnson, Hannah Johnson, and Thomas Kamp. Thomas Kamp owned the campsite property where the families were staying.

Hudson is reportedly unrelated to the victims. At this point, there’s no motive for the murders.

The Daily Beast reports that the survivor who witnessed the six murders is Carl Johnson’s wife, Cynthia Johnson. The pair lived in Hillsboro, Texas. The 6-year-old son of Hannah Johnson was also killed — Kade. Her boyfriend, Thomas Kamp, and Kamp’s two oldest children were also murdered at the Texas campsite.

This is considered the largest homicide in Anderson County’s history. More charges against William Hudson are expected as the investigation continues. Hudson had previously been arrested and charged with assault. Bodies belonging to Kamp and the children were found in the pond.

Cynthia Johnson was placed in protective custody by authorities overnight on Sunday.

A friend of the Johnson family said that Hannah and Thomas Kamp recently purchased the property where they were camping for the weekend.

According to the report, Carl and Cynthia were employees of the University of Maine at Farmington and retired to Texas. Their daughter moved to Farmington to be closer to them.

The TX Rangers, Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, and the Dallas Police Department are involved in the investigation.

It’s not clear if Hudson has an attorney at this point in the investigation who can comment on the case. This is a developing story that still has a lot of details to fill in. Fox News reports that Hudson was arrested and detained by police while he was at his mother’s house that was next door to the property.

If Hudson wasn’t related to his victims, the motive for his attack even more puzzling. No other suspects are involved. Authorities continue to investigate what unfolded in the murders of six people at a Texas campsite.

[Photo Credit: Anderson County Jail]