Gran Gone Wild: Texas constable tasers 72-year-old grandma

Don’t mess with Texas. No, really- they’ll taser your grandma.

What started as a routine traffic stop in May descended into newsworthiness when feisty 72-year-old Kathryn Winkfein refused to sign her speeding ticket. Winkfein became crochety at the young upstart police officer for demanding she sign a speeding ticket.

After refusing to sign the ticket, Winkfein committed the cardinal sin of exiting the vehicle. At this point, the officer shoves her. For her own good, he explains- to keep her out of oncoming traffic.

Winkfein becomes increasingly upset. She takes the officer, Chris Bieze, to task for the shoving, at which time he threatens:

“If you don’t stand back, I’m gonna tase you.”

Presumably annoyed at being disturbed on her way to eat guys like this for lunch, Winkfein replies:

“Go ahead, taser me.”

The officer warns the woman again and again- five times- until finally using the taser on the belligerent septugenarian. Clearly in pain, Winkfein was not injured and was transported to jail for resisting arrest.

I don’t know about you, but I feel safer knowing this bingo-playing speed demon is off the streets.