Leah Messer’s ‘Teen Mom’ Scandal: Corey Simms And Jeremy Caught Plotting Against Her?

Leah Messer has had a tough year. Leah decided to film Teen Mom even though she was clearly struggling with a personal problem, but she never really came clean about what was going on. Her ex-husband Corey Simms had plenty of theories as to what was wrong, including a potential pill problem, and while filming Teen Mom, Jeremy Calvert decided to meet up with Corey, even though they don’t like each other, and he was in the middle of divorce proceedings with Leah.

In their meet-up, Leah Messer was bashed by both men. It was clear that they wanted Teen Mom viewers to know that she had a problem, and that she hadn’t been taking care of her duties as a mother. At the time the scene aired, Messer used Twitter to bash her ex-husbands, and said that the entire scene was set up and staged.

According to a new Radar Online report, Leah Messer‘s accusations are supposedly true, as a source claims that everything was staged. It has been about two months since the scene aired, but the source has confirmed that producers set up the meeting. And sadly, this is far from the first time that producers have meddled in the discussions being had on the show.

“When Corey and Jeremy went out to get a drink talking about Leah, the show set it up,” the source reveals, adding, “It was all their doing.”

“They push Jeremy to say things like talking about her drug addiction,” the source reveals, adding that editing often “will flip the stories around,” putting scenes in a new chronological order.

At the time, Leah Messer revealed that her husband would never willingly meet up with Corey because the two guys don’t actually like one another. On Twitter, Leah explained that Jeremy kept looking at producers when Corey started talking about a pill problem, and that they would never meet up without the producers’ encouragement, as they don’t like one another. Regardless of what happened there, Leah ended up losing custody of her girls.

About a month after the episode aired, Messer went to court and lost primary custody of her twin girls, Ali and Aleeah. For a while, many thought that Leah would also lose custody of her third daughter, Adalynn. But Jeremy has yet to file anything against her. It sounds like he trusts her as a mother, but that didn’t stop the tabloids from running wild with stories that Messer had become suicidal over losing the girls.

“Articles that are sent to me are unbelievable! I am far from being suicidal because my girls need me happy and healthy! #craziness,” Leah revealed last week on Twitter according to ET Online.

But that isn’t all ET Online had to offer in regards to this case. Dr. Drew, who hosts the Teen Mom reunion specials, decided to speak out about Leah’s custody battle after she lost her daughters and the magazine covered his thoughts.

“One of the signs I noticed was that the people around her — like her ex-husband and his new wife — were starting to really come down on her. When that starts to happen, that’s a sign to me that the identified patient is getting better,” Dr. Drew revealed about the custody case, adding, “I don’t know if this recent issue with the child custody is going to set her back, but I certainly wish her the best. She is working very hard and this has been a terribly painful and stressful time for her.”

It sounds like Leah is actually doing alright, despite only seeing her daughters a few times a week. What do you think of Leah Messer being set up by Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert?

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