Holly Holm Opens Floodgate Of Hilarious Twitter Memes With Knockout Kick

The Internet is abuzz over Holly Holm’s upset win over crowd favorite, Ronda Rousey, at UFC women’s bantamweight championship this Saturday.

Holm secured her new championship belt after she knocked out Rousey with a head-kick in the second round of their much-talked about fight in Melbourne, Australia. She dominated the fight right from the start, proving that she came prepared to fight the champion. She threw solid shots to her opponent’s face toward the last part of the first round, but it was a solid kick to the head from in the second round that finished the game.

Holly Holm Knocks Out Ronda Rousey On 2nd Round

Everybody was shocked at Rousey’s defeat, and UFC fans and sports buffs alike took to Twitter to give their two cents on the recent fight.

Some Twitter commenters cited boxing references to describe how they viewed the match. Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports compared Holly Holm to boxer Buster Douglass, who defeated Tyson back in 1990. Gareth Davis also made a Douglass-Tyson reference in his tweet adding, “no one is invincible.”

When you think you are invincible, till someone comes and shakes your world #UFC193 https://t.co/CVaEs7vvc5

— New @ (@JustBanter__) November 15, 2015

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports, also an MMA buff, summed up Holly Holm’s victory in his tweet saying that she “had her chance for immortality in sports lore,” and that it was inspiring. The fight between these two UFC fighters attracted a lot of attention from so many people because Rousey was an undefeated UFC champion, while Holm has had an equally illustrious boxing background.

Even Lennox Lewis, former British heavyweight boxing champion, not only offered his sage review of the fight, but also shared some wise words to the brave ladies.

In his tweets, Lewis pointed out Rousey’s mistake, but followed it with a comforting piece of advice.

Of course, ridiculous memes were borne out of the historic UFC fight.

Image via Twitter

Some Twitter users made use of their creative skills and Photoshopped photos of Rousey’s beaten up face into various situations, including one where Rousey was made to look like she was sleeping comfortably on a bed, complete with pillow and down blanket.

Another meme showed Rousey on the floor being pounded by Holm, while the Disney character Simba sadly caressed her bruised face.

The epic kick that put Rousey to sleep also got a nice meme entitled “Straight Outta Windpipe.”

Image via Twitter

Rousey’s previously defeated opponents also expressed their jubilation over Rousey’s defeat on Twitter. Miesha Tate, one of her biggest opponents, reacted to the fight by posting laughing emojis before congratulating Holm for knocking out Rousey. Bethe Correia took to Instagram to celebrate Holm’s win: “The world turns! And today I am very happy! Perfect strategy! Congratulations Holly!”

MMA fighter James Vickk was also surprised, calling the fight the “biggest upset in UFC history.”

Even NFL stars took their time to watch and tweet their reactions on the fight including Michael Campanero. Arthur Jones from the Colts tweeted his support for Holly Holm, whom he consider a good friend. Chris Long was surprised to see Rousey lose before the Golden States Warriors, who was having a tough battle with the Brooklyn Nets that day. Fans of the defeated UFC fighter were also shocked at the turn of events.

Needless to say, nobody saw it coming. Actress and model Ruby Rose was one of the devastated Rousey fans who could not believe this day would come for their hero. George Foreman, another Rousey fan, expressed his support for the fallen fighter on his Twitter, urging her to stand again after this big loss. He encouraged the former champion by citing great fighters who have been defeated but came back better and stronger. Reebok also showed continued support for her.

ESPN tweeted a score from the match showing Rousey was hit by Holly Holm through a “career-high 38 significant strikes; her 1st 10 UFC /Strikeforce fights was hit by total of 64 such strikes,” setting a record in UFC history.

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