Porsha Williams Tweets About Duke Williams Relationship, Likens Watching Kenya Moore On ‘WWHL’ To Watching A Horror Film

Watching the second episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 8 was likely very awkward for Porsha Williams. That’s because the episode featured her relationship with football player Duke Williams, a relationship that actually ended in September.

Not only did Porsha watch herself fawning over Duke on Real Housewives, but she also watched her co-star Kenya Moore’s subsequent appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show, Watch What Happens Live. While Porsha refrained from posting anything negative about Duke, she didn’t do the same with Kenya. Porsha actually compared watching Kenya on Andy’s talk show, to watching a horror movie.

Despite her relationship with Duke not working out, it seems that Porsha, who was previously married to retired football player Kordell Stewart, is still optimistic that she’ll find the one for her. As the episode aired, Porsha tweeted that she’ll forever be a hopeless romantic.


Besides declaring that she still believes in love, Porsha’s tweet may have also been her way of explaining why she fell so fast and hard for Duke. The episode showed Porsha, who had just started a relationship with the much younger Duke, throw a big surprise going away party for him. At the party, Porsha gushed over Duke. Duke, who had a friend with him at the party, was uncomfortable with all of the attention. His friend had to remind him that he shouldn’t leave the party.

“This is over-the-top. I wasn’t expecting this at all. This is crazy.”

Duke seemed even more uncomfortable when Porsha actually presented him with a trophy while declaring to everyone that he was her trophy man — her Most Valuable Player.

“I want to ask everybody to open your heart to what we have, because to me, it’s everything. I’m giving you the MVP award because you are the MVP to me.”

In response to a viewer who tweeted about Duke’s hold over her, Porsha responded with a laughing and crying face emoticons.


Porsha Williams may have learned that it’s better to be more civil about Duke Williams on social media. As Reality Tea reported in September, Porsha seemingly blasted Duke on Twitter by sarcastically congratulating someone on his new relationship. Porsha tweeted that she hopes the new girl, unlike herself, will help him get his repossessed item back and also be asked to pay for her own flights.

Yet Porsha did not hold back when it came to her co-star Kenya Moore’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live after The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Porsha likened watching Kenya, to watching a horror film.


Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore had a lot of drama on The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s fifth season. During the group’s vacation in the Philippines, Kenya accused Porsha of dating an older, married man for money. Along with Claudia Jordan, Kenya claimed that Porsha’s new money and possessions, including a Bentley, was all from a wealthy businessman from Africa.

Later on, during the reunion show, Porsha continued her denial that she was involved with a married man, saying that she would never be with a married man because she herself was cheated on during her marriage to ex Kordell Stewart. As the Inquisitr reported, as the reunion show aired in May, Porsha further retaliated by tweeting that Kenya was just in Las Vegas with a married man.

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