Simon Cowell Knew Zayn Malik Was Leaving One Direction

One Direction fans were shocked when Zayn Malik left the group, but now Simon Cowell is revealing that he knew it was coming and wasn’t as surprised as the rest of the world. Simon actually helped put this hit group together and has worked with them during their career. Us Magazine shared the news that Cowell knew what was going on, but for some reason he is just now sharing this news with fans.

Cowell is actually the manager and creator of One Direction. In a recent interview, Simon spoke out and shared that he knew what was going on and that this would happen.

“I knew Zayn was going before it happened. He was unhappy. My concern was actually for the boys. Zayn wasn’t in a great place but it was his decision to leave, he wasn’t kicked out. He wanted to distance himself. My responsibility was to the boys because they had no warning.”

Simon Cowell knew about Zayn leaving One Direction, but the rest of the group had no idea that this was coming. The entire world was shocked by it, and fans went pretty crazy upset about the idea of the group without Zayn. It just wasn’t the way they knew the group and change is hard to accept.


After Zayn left the group, Simon Cowell made a joke that fans didn’t really appreciate. He was standing on stage with One Direction and was just thinking that he was the 5th band member as a joke. Cowell did apologize for the joke though when talking to New York’s Fresh 102.7.

“I just kind of thought when I was standing on stage with them, that they were back to being five. So I apologize to any Zayn fans out there. It was meant as a joke.”

Through the next year, One Direction will be going on hiatus. They will not be out on tour and fans are going to miss them. Once Simon Cowell’s group gets back together on stage again, they will be ready to go without Zayn and join forces. It doesn’t look like there is any way that Zayn will be coming back to the group. This group is moving on without him just fine.

Perez Hilton also shared this week that Simon Cowell opened up about his recent affair with a friend’s wife. This affair ended up with Simon becoming a dad for the first time. This all went down a few years ago, but this is the first time that Simon Cowell has had anything to say about the affair. Cowell admitted that he is not proud about how this all went down. Simon then went on to talk about the pregnancy.

“This was not something I planned. But I remember going to the first scan with Lauren. I called him Tad because he looked like a tadpole. Something just kicked in. I felt unbelievably protective of both of them. I just absolutely wanted him. I just hadn’t known that before.”

Simon Cowell loves his son and the two seem to be very close. Simon did share that he wants his son to earn his own money though. It doesn’t look like Cowell will be handing cash to his child.

“I don’t like the idea you just sort of pass it down from generation to generation. I mean, I find that quite disgusting. No one ever gave me a penny and I believe part of my drive was to do with the fact I had nothing to lose. That gives you a lot of energy.”

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[Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images]