Kip Moore Stalker: Mother Of 2 Divorces Her Husband Of 8 Years To Try And Marry Country Star

A recent episode of Dr. Phil featured the strange story of a woman named Jenna who was so in love with country singer Kip Moore after only meeting him twice that she was willing to divorce her husband, reports the Daily Mail.


Jenna giggled like a schoolgirl as she answered Dr. Phil’s questions, and described wearing a red dress that Kip supposedly told Jenna he loved. Jenna noted that Moore sings a lot about red dresses — therefore Jenna has worn red dresses and red lipstick every time she has seen Kip.


“Kip made me realize that I was so unhappy with Travis. Kip told me I was beautiful. Travis tells me I’m ugly and fat.”

Travis thinks Jenna is delusional, especially after she filed for an order of protection from her husband two days after returning home from Kip’s concert. Jenna called her husband abusive, but Travis said he never “intentionally” harmed his wife. One night when both Travis and Jenna had been drinking alcohol, according to the police report, Travis said he tried to stop Jenna from driving drunk with their kids. Travis claimed Jenna tripped, but Jenna said that Travis was abusive in causing the broken ribs and punctured lung that left her hospitalized in the wake of the incident.

Jenna got a protection order against Travis, and when he was getting served with the papers, Jenna’s pleas toward Kip written on her car window could be seen in the back of her vehicle window.

“Marry me Kip Moore?”

The Moore fan and her estranged husband were previously divorced in 2012, and afterward, Jenna and Travis ended up getting back together — a union that Jenna called a mistake.

Jenna’s obsession with Kip is due to her trying to escape her own unhappy life, said a Dr. Phil guest named Amanda who drove from Ohio to Indiana with Jenna to see Moore and his obsessed fan interact together. Amanda said that she did see Kip grab the back of Jenna’s hair when Moore hugged her, and that Kip remembered Jenna because he called her “Red.” Dr. Phil then joked that just because he called Jenna “leather” doesn’t mean that Dr. Phil is in love with Jenna. In fact, Dr. Phil turned to his wife, Robin McGraw, ever present in the Dr. Phil audience, and joked that Robin would have a problem with that notion.

“Robin will whip your a**. She’s an old country girl. Do not let the Gucci fool you.”

The 26-year-old Jenna spoke lovingly about Kip, but Travis noted that if Moore actually wanted to call Jenna, he would’ve done so already. Amanda noted that during the times she was with Jenna at the meet-and-greet between Kip and his fans, they were told that security would be called if Jenna didn’t leave Kip alone.

Jenna has even had the spot on her upper back that Kip signed turned into a permanent tattoo, and has written Kip a 12-page letter. Meanwhile, Travis was busted for reaching out to a female Dr. Phil producer, asking the woman for a long romantic walk on the beach and calling his wife fat in the process. Travis joked that he hopes Kip actually called Jenna, and only had one message for Moore in regards to Jenna.

“They asked me what I wanted to say to Kip Moore and I said, ‘Please, take her off my hands.'”

Jenna said she told Kip about her kids in her 12-page letter, and that she knew Moore liked Hawaii and she’d be willing to travel there and work out custody arrangements with Travis and their children. A relatively popular musician, Kip has drawn crowds and played for audiences such as those at the NASCAR Sprint Cup series auto race at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida.

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