Bubble Skin Man Seeks Cure For Condition

Chandra Winsou, better known as “Bubble Skin Man” has emerged into the public eye in an attempt to find a cure for his condition, before it hits his kids.

Winsou, who married his wife Namik 33 years ago, was a good-looking and well-educated man. Weeks before his wedding, however, he began to notice strange tumors appearing on his skin, according to The Huffington Post.

Those bubbles turned out to be tumors, which now cover the 57-year-old Indonesian man from head to toe. He faded from the public eye, telling News.com.au that:

“People are afraid, they are frightened of my horrible face and worried they might catch the disease. So instead I avoid people, I rarely go out except to pick up my daughter from school. And when I do I cover my head and my face because I don’t want my daughter’s friends to bully her for having ‘the dad with the horrible face’.”

But he is no longer hiding. He and his wife, who has stuck by him, despite his fears of her leaving, are searching for a cure for his disease, which has also started to affect two of his children, eldest son Martin, 32 and daughter Lis, 26. Winsou stated:

“They only have some small tumours now but they worry they will get worse. If there is a chance to get such kind of free medication, I will take that chance, but right now my family is all the treatment I need.”

The Huffington Post reports that Winsou’s struggle to find a cure will be featured in a TLC documentary titled “Bubble Skin Man,” which will debut on June 20. In it, Winsou’s wife, Namik, tells him that, “You’re still handsome.”