Three Brothers Identified In Paris Attacks, Up To 20 People Total May Be Involved

Brothers often share each other’s hobbies, passions, likes, and dislikes and even enjoy playing sports and games with each other. However, some brothers apparently share their extremist views with each other. Forensics and investigations into Friday’s horrendous ISIS attacks brought to light a brotherly plot of destruction.

The Telegraph earlier reported that three brothers had been linked to the Paris attacks on Friday. Just hours after the first gunman, Omar Ismail Mostefai was identified, the three brothers were identified by authorities as being involved in the Paris attacks. Six other suspects, including one of the brothers, are assumed to be on the run. The two cars that were confiscated Friday in relation to the attacks, a black Seat that had guns used in the attacks and a grey VW Polo, were rented in the names of two of the three brothers. The three brothers are French nationals who lived in Belgium. The Telegraph website, which features a blog-like newsfeed, also reported that Belgian security services believed that “up to 20 people were able to participate ‘near or far’ in the Paris attack.”

It was confirmed that two of the terrorists who were killed on Friday were French nationals who lived in Brussels and Molenbeek-Saint-Jean but it was not determined if they were the two brothers who were involved in the attacks. The third brother was among seven people who were arrested in connection with the investigation of the attacks. Paris prosecutor Francois Moulins confirmed the brother was identified as having rented the Seat; he was arrested on the Belgian boder along with two other people who live in the Brussels area. It is not yet known if he was directly involved in the attacks.

“This individual was identified during a police control on the Belgian border inside a vehicle that was neither the Seat nor the Polo in which three were two other people who also live in the Brussels area.”

Moulins said that Belgian investigators “arrested these three individuals who are not known to the French intelligence services.”

In Berlin, people arrive at the gate of the French Embassy to leave candles and flowers for the victims of the Paris attacks.

In a more recent story, CNN reported that Paris police had released the name of one of the three brothers who were involved on the official Twitter page of the Paris police department. The tweet announced that the police had issued a warrant for the arrest of Belgian-born Salah Abdeslam. The police also urged people not to approach him.

“This individual is dangerous, do not interact with him.”

RTE News reported that another of the three brothers identified, Ibrahim Abdeslam, was confirmed as one of the terrorists who died in Friday’s attacks. The third brother who has a BOLO, could have been captured, but was inadvertently released by French police. In an updated newsfeed on The Telegraph, it was reported that Salah was stopped by French police at the Belgian border on Saturday, but released him when nothing suspicious was found. When authorities linked the VW Polo to Salah, the border police realized their mistake.

What are your thoughts on the three brothers who turned extremists? Do you think the U. S. should be more involved with the eradication of ISIS? Do you think the U.S. is in danger of being attacked by ISIS in the near future? Please share your thoughts about this tragedy below.

[Photo by Murielle Gander Cransac/Getty Images]