‘The Royals’ Season 2 Premieres Tonight On E!

Season 2 of the E! original series The Royals premieres tonight to much anticipation after its Season 1 success. With its over-the-top soap opera style, and equal mixes of sex, espionage and murder, The Royals has engaged the interest of E! viewers and those interested in a fictionalized account of royal life.

In reviewing The Royals, Variety said The Royals has as much to do with the British Monarchy as Scandal has to do with the U.S. Presidency, which is about as much as SpongeBob SquarePants has to do with oceanography. It’s basically their tongue-in-cheek way of saying that despite the show being over-the-top, it has gotten E! fans interested in a scripted show and away from one more episode of KUWTK.

The show’s premise in Season 1 is that the sitting King has decided to put the idea of abolishing the monarchy to a vote, i.e. letting the people decide, which would obviously not sit well with those royals who don’t actually have a skill set.


E! Online is reporting the second season will delight viewers, who have had ample opportunity to catch up on Season 1 in the last few weeks. What was going on when we last left The Royals?

“Not that everyone’s doing well on The Royals—you know, considering the king is dead, the parentage of his children is being called into question and the monarchy is on the verge of total destruction—but at least the show’s having fun. Below, five of the most unrealistic things about The Royals (that make us love the show even more).”

The sheer volume of sex, drugs, and rock and roll going on in this kingdom is enough to make anyone and everyone interested to see what will happen next; but, in the world of fiction, these things seem far more important than, let’s say, keeping the royal family members alive.

“It’s totally a trope in any piece of media about presidents or royalty to have them try to shake their security detail, but in reality, the guards are there for a reason. And there’s just literally no way anyone would let the KING OF ENGLAND walk around the streets of London without anyone around him.”


International Business Times is providing some tips about catching up with Season 1, and what to expect from Season 2 of The Royals, whose scenes are frequently chewed up by Elizabeth Hurley, who plays Queen Helena with the morality of an alley cat.

The big questions will be about a rightful heir, and the legitimacy of Queen Helena’s children, not to mention the newly-appointed King Cyrus who, like the Queen, has no moral compass whatsoever. Prince Liam and Princess Eleanor are quite confused over whom to trust, if anyone.

“They’re very suspicious of her. Helena was also one of the reasons they were claimed illegitimate and Liam was not able to ascend the throne, so there’s a real distrust within the monarchy.”

It is clear the King Cyrus of The Royals has two children, the well-played, dopey redheaded princesses who are portrayed more like the evil step-sisters from Cinderella than anything on a traditional soap opera (but comic relief is always welcome). But, could there be another illegitimate heir waiting in the wings?

“Schwahn promised that viewers would find out more about Cyrus’ illegitimate child as soon as Season 2 starts. “That’s a storyline we’re going to get into right off the bat,” Schwahn told Entertainment Weekly in September. “We’ll find out what that is, and who that is, and whether or not Cyrus will be held accountable — whether, in fact, that is his child. We’ll hear from Prudence [Poppy Corby-Tuech]. We haven’t seen the last of Prudence.”


Will you be tuning in to The Royals tonight on E!?

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