WWE News: WWE Diva Sasha Banks To Turn Babyface Very Soon

WWE Diva Sasha Banks has been killing it the entire year of 2015, but first started to get noticed in late 2014. People assumed she had talent coming in, as she worked a bit with known women’s promotion, SHIMMER. Several top performers such as AJ Lee, Beth Phoenix, and even WWE trainer Sara Del Rey went through there. The situation for Sasha was that she was so young when she got started that any Indy experience she had wouldn’t be nearly enough by the time she was hired by WWE.

Like Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Bayley, Banks certainly didn’t walk in as a big star or even have much of a gimmick. She became a star after she found herself, which she wasn’t really able to do until 2014. “The Boss” character was created, not out of some sort of complex she had but out of an out of the norm personal character that she was. Sasha has been seen repeatedly breaking character after big matches at NXT events, which everyone absolutely loved.

Few in the world hate Sasha Banks, and that helps her a lot. She is so young, and very well could be the future of the Diva’s Division, along with the likes of Paige and Bayley. It now looks like WWE wants to capitalize on that terrific love Banks has. According to Cageside Seats, WWE is planning a face turn for Sasha Banks very soon. This is quite interesting, as it would force her to part from Team B.A.D. This was always the plan, of course, as Banks was seen as the legit star among most of the main roster Divas.

Sasha Izzy [Photo via WWE Network]The plan at one point was to have her automatically go for the WWE Diva’s Title that Charlotte holds. However, WWE went with the Paige jealousy angle. There is a thought that Banks could get a shot at the gold in the future. However, the plan most likely is for her to have yet another match with Bayley. The two have gone back and forth on it, and although Banks is no longer needed in NXT, they are going to the the U.K. for the first time as a straight NXT roster.

This is huge for the NXT brand. WWE certainly wants to deliver a great PPV for them, and although WWE does seem to be pointing at Bayley facing off with Alexa Bliss, this could happen sooner rather than later and allow Bayley to face Banks when NXT goes to the U.K. in December. That means we should not automatically expect Bliss to go to the U.K. and somehow win the NXT Women’s Title. However, there is a thought that Bayley could be on the main roster very soon so her next opponent does make sense to take the title off of her. If they go with Sasha, Bayley will clearly win.

Team BAD [Photo via WWE]WWE has wanted to form a Four Horsewomen of NXT stable for television, but with everyone doing their own thing and having characters in different roles, it was hard to do. Bayley appears to be working the main roster by the first of the year and Banks is turning soon, which only allows for this group to come together and sort of take on the present WWE Divas with the future. While it is by no means a guarantee that we will see the group, it does make one consider it if you’re in creative as you want to draw people in.

This means a lot for Sasha Banks and it could be a huge part of her growing story with WWE. Fans continue to chant “we want Sasha” and WWE has been dropping signs that Team B.A.D. will end up breaking up. Soon it will, however it might not occur for at least another few weeks.

[Image via WWE]