UK Kids Don’t Know Where Bacon Comes From? Or Milk, Apparently

More than half of UK youths have no idea where bacon comes from, a travesty according to many Americans, who are almost obsessed with the meat (see Burger King’s new bacon sundae).

The Daily Mail reports that one in ten young adults in Britain think eggs come from wheat or maize, and one in three don’t know that eggs are laid by hens.

The data comes from a research study done by LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming), a charity, and reveals that 16 to 23-year-olds in Britain have a scary lack of knowledge about how they food ends up on their table.

According to The Telegraph, Leaf chief executive Caroline Drummond stated:

“We often hear reports that our food knowledge may be declining but this new research shows how bad the situation is becoming. Despite what they think, young adults are clearly becoming removed from where their food comes from..”

Drummond further stated:

“Three in 10 adults born in the 1990s haven’t visited a farm in more than 10 years, if at all, which is a real shame as our farmers not only play an important role in food production but are passionate about engaging and reconnecting consumers too.”

The Daily Mail reports that, in spite of LEAF’s findings, 43 percent of the 16 to 23-year-old bracket told researchers that they consider themselves knowledgeable about where their food comes from.

Newser reports that there are two options with the survey data results. They write:

“Either young people in Britain are comically ignorant about where food comes from or young people in Britain like to goof on survey-takers. Or maybe something in between.”

Do you know where milk comes from? What about bacon?