New Paris Attack Video Shows Moment Gunmen Opened Fire At Bataclan, Guitarist Flees As Drummer Hides Behind Drums [Video]

Tara West

Disturbing new video footage from the Bataclan theater in Paris, France, shows the moment that terrorists opened fire on the crowd of people watching the U.S. band, The Eagles of Death Metal. In the startling video, you can hear gunshots ring out as the band is in the middle of a set. One guitarist can be seen immediately fleeing the stage, and the drummer ducks for cover behind his drum set. The other band member stands stunned on the stage as the shots continue.

The Daily Mail reports that the Eagles of Death Metal were playing at the Bataclan theater in Paris when terrorists opened fire on the concert-goers. According to new reports, there were four terrorists shooting members of the crowd during the attack. Witnesses claim that one of the terrorists was a woman. Three of the four attackers blew themselves up during the altercation with police following the mass shooting, while a fourth was shot and killed before detonating the bomb belt.

Warning: The video below may be disturbing to some viewers.

Witnesses at the deadly concert claim that when the shots began ringing out into the concert hall, many people were confused. Some thought the gunshots were fireworks, so people did not initially flee. The response of the Eagles of Death Metal members seems similar to that of the entire crowd, some ran, some ducked for cover, and still others stood silent in shock.

One witness, Pierre Janaszak, a radio presenter who was at the concert, spoke about the harrowing ordeal, noting that once the gunmen started firing they never stopped. He noted that there were corpses "everywhere," and that the attackers plainly stated during the attack that this was the fault of Hollande and that he shouldn't have intervened in Syria.

"They didn't stop firing. There was blood everywhere, corpses everywhere. Everyone was trying to flee. I clearly heard them say 'It's the fault of Hollande, it's the fault of your president, he should not have intervened in Syria'."

The Bataclan theater shooting was just one of a series of coordinated attacks on November 13, 2015, in the city of Paris, France. Terrorists also attacked the Stade de France football stadium and a few bars and cafes. The Bataclan attack, the deadliest of them all, was the last attack of the evening. In total, 129 people died, and 352 were confirmed injured. Of those killed, 89 were killed at the Bataclan concert. The high death toll makes this attack the deadliest since World War II in France.

Though the video footage of the first shots fired in the Bataclan is startling, perhaps no video is more startling than the one captured from outside of the theater as injured concert-goers fled the scene in horror, many of them dragging their bloody and injured friends down the road. A woman can even be seen hanging out of a window as she attempts to flee the horrific attack inside.

Warning: This video contains graphic scenes and may not be disturbing to some viewers.

In the video, you see a back exit to the Bataclan theater. As gunshots ring out in the air, people can be seen fleeing the exit in fear. Some are dragging the bloody bodies of friends from the building, while others are obviously injured and having difficulty walking. In front of the back exit, there are bodies laying on the ground that appear deceased. However, towards the end of the video, one of the people begins to move. You can then watch as the person on the ground seems to get out a cellphone and attempt to make a call. In the background of the horrifying footage, you can see the stream of concert-goers fleeing down the street from the front entrance.

What do you think should be done to ensure a terror attack like this doesn't take place again? Do you agree with the French President Hollande that the response to the attack in Paris must be "merciless?"

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